PCPPI recognizes exceptional employees at Gold Crown Awards

Excellence thrives where it is practiced consistently. Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI)—the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country—recently honored three outstanding employees with this year’s Gold Crown Awards. This recognition is awarded to employees for demonstrating professional dedication in line with PCPPI’s ICARE Values, which stands for Integrity and Innovation, Care and Respect, Empowerment and Excellence. The three awardees for this year are (in photo, from left to right) Faith Marie M. Zacal of from PCPPI’s Cagayan De Oro plant, Lucky J. Mallari from the Central Luzon Operations (CLO) and Jona Marie S. Rollan from the Davao manufacturing facility. Of the awardees, PCPPI president and chief executive officer Frederick D. Ong said, “Our people remain at the core of what makes us proud to be part of PCPPI. The Gold Crown Awards allow us as one team to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of our employees.” He added, “Jona, Lucky, and Fa

my story at Moms and Kids Mag November 2008 Issue

I have written a blog about my story of becoming a single parent. It was Christine who first informed me about this Magazine asking for "single moms/dads' stories".. At first i was hesitant.. I don't feel writing at all.. I don't have the passion that time to write.. I am not driven after all.. But then came the last day of submission, i was able to compose a good blog. Am not a good writer, not even gifted to be one.. But here's the good news, i got lucky it was included in the November issue of the Moms and Kids Magazine..

for those who doesn't know anything about me at all, here's the summarized story about how i became a single parent and why Mikyla Yzabel doesn't have her dad.
Hi Moms & Kids Magazine!!l
greetings in the name of our Lord.

I just happen to see your post at the multiply site aboout having a topic regarding single parenthood.
And i just got this feeling the want to share with you guys my story..a single parent by fate and not by choice.

im 24 when i got pregnant with my daughter. My boyfriend/lover was my online boyfriend. (We met at the internet,-mIRC).
our relationship went further beyond the cyber world. We met, we dated for a while and after sometime i got pregnant with my daughter.
my parents was not really in favor of him..he was unemployed that time,and actually during the whole nine months of pregnancy, we weren't able to see each other for i am being retrained to do so, parents are so mad that my father could kill if he saw him during those times..

but things have changed when yzabel was born. Zeus(my boyfriend) dared to visit us at home to see his daughter, not fearing what might happen if my father will see him.. but things went out just fine after they all talked..and from then on, things went on smoothly for us, for our "family" .. but then, hindi lahat ng oras eh masaya.. after yzabel was baptized, Zeus was hospitalized and was diagnosed with heart enlargement.. at first we all thought it's gonna be ok, but for some serious health problem, it got worse, and in no time December 2006 he died, 7 months after our daughter was born. i was at shock for about a month.. being a first time mom is not that easy much so being alone/single. School was not great for me then(for i am a law student and at the same time a mother).. it was really hard.. losing a lover, a partner and a friend all at the same time.. Hinanakit ko sa Diyos that time was, baket kung kelan pa OK na ang lahat lahat sa amin.. but God has purpose. although hard to accept, He knows best still..

it was really a tragedy for me. the worse thing i could ever imagined just had happened.. and brought me so many fears..questions like, what will i do with yzabel, ALONE? will i be a good mother and father all in one. How can i provide for her needs/wants. What will i tell her when she asks where's her daddy.. Things are easy for those couples who just separated, at the least parents are both alive and can be present at all important events of the child's life. Until now am jealous of those babies/kids with complete set of parents. they get to enjoy each parent's company..

as time goes by, nasanay na din ako na wala si Zeus sa tabi ko.. i was able to upbring yzabel with the help of both my parents and Zeus' parents. i was able to survive all the ups and downs of being a single mom.. and in fact, am so glad and so thankful that yzabel have been so sweet and nice and loving to me..she reminds me of her dad each time i look at her eyes.. she have grown so fast, she's healthy and smart. i thank God that despite of all those hardships and pain from the past He still gives me all the wonderful blessings.. i could not ask for more..

and now, am trying to make a living while studying.. i worked as a freelance photographer and i have a sideline online business that provides party needs.. thanks for the opportunity to look back again with a smile..

for the whole issue preview
click here!!

Included also in the mag were Sidney Castaneda, Ram Symon Orquiza,Mommy Rhederlee (mariam's mom) and Villestas Family.. hehehe sila lang medyo narecognize ko.. ^_^


nicely written story for the mag Mommy G. I am proud of your accomplishments and perseverance despite of all the heartaches and tragedy. It really shows how strong a mother you can be for YZA.
Jody Garneau said…
bilib ako sayo sis, You're one strong woman. Keep your faith in God and see... everything will go smooth, you're not alone.=)
mizhelle wayne said…
for some reason, di ko maview yun pics nila in larger format.. thumbnails lang! anyhoo, congrats sis! ;)
thanks for the sweet words Anne.. am kinda happy now.. i am seeing a bright future ahead for me and my kid..

plus the good thing that i have 3 more semesters to go na lang before the BAR EXAMS.. all the best for my little girl.. ^_^
thanks Jody.. All of us, moms are strong nman in different aspects.. just that mine was a little hard situation..

just wanted to spread the idea na kahit anong sakit ng nangyari, God's always there.. and healing is always attainable..

i am keeping the faith sis.. all praises to God! thanks again sis.. ^_^
ay ganun?? hmmm.. il post na lang din here yung article ko. hehehe ^_^ (lakas ka sken)
Jun Navarro said…
baket ba binasa 'ko pa 'to!!!! naiyak tuloy ako.... huwahhhh!!!!!!!
jokes amf! LOL pasaway ka sir Jun! hahahahaha
Candy Pineda said…
wow...very intresting naman ang story mo,,,but you're right...God has a purpose.Lucky you,Zeus left you with a very cutie baby girl! :)
yeah.. you're right sis.. im so lucky having her.. and i'll be forever thankful for that.. she's my lucky star!! hehehe
Len Gonz said…
i always believe that everything happens for a reason. you are truly blessed to have yza as a proof ng love nyo ni zeus for each other.:))
no matter how i know your story na...this thing just made me cry at 5.30 in the morning. early sentiment tuloy ako. *sniffles*
mizhelle wayne said…
gessshh! thanks sis! bti na lang pinost mo ;) muah!!!!!

that was truly inspiring! *sniff sniff* and i must say, mom and kids did a great a pick! ;)

i was shocked in your story..super bilib ako sis. God is always be with you and your family.
✿ jenette ✿ said…

STAY strong for yza!
krish garcia said…
u have a very beautiful angel. God truly knows what's best. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Evidently, that He did :D
Xtin ♦ said…
Yza is really a blessing. Kahit ganun ang napagdaanan mo, doble-doble pa ang ibinalik sayo. I'm sure Yza will be proud of you!
Jamir Design said…
galing!!!! congratulations and God bless you more!!!
Jen Jen said…
I'm sure you will always have a lot to tell Yza about her father when the time comes that she asks. He will live on in your stories, as he already lives on through his daughter.
Tess Rivera said…
wow, grabe pala dinaanan mo...but kudos for being strong. Your kid is worth all that....
Eyom Sadongski said…
Galing naman. Keep going lang ha, Mommy Grasyah. All the best! :)
peewee barsana said…
very touching story.i'm sure zeus is just out there watching you & yza=)
roselle animo said…
so that's the story behind a happy face.. but guess, husband/daddy will always be there for you.. i reckon you're a strong woman.. your pretty daughter is one great consolation for you.. God Bless
lylah .. said…
whew.... you are such a tough person... may God continue to bless you and Yza and your entire family... glad to meet you even only here in multiply... goodluck on your studies! :)
What a beautiful story. I admire your strength. :)
Mich Gonzales said…
ur such a strong person...

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