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in memory of Yzabel's DAD

(in commemorating his 2nd death anniversary on the 10th of December)

there goes a line that.."lucky is the man who was the first love of a woman, but luckier is the woman who was the last love of a man..."

HANGANG by Wency Cornejo is our love song..we'll atleast for a period of time that we we're together..

our love story begins when i became so addicted to chatting...and that when my previous boyfriend and i are at wavy/rocky situation..

i met this man named Zeus, at the internet, or should i say through the internet...he's from manila and i am from palawan..we we're just friends...we regularly talked..and chat through mIRC and Yahoo Msger.

we we're close friends...he would tell me all those girls na naka-fling nya dahil sa chat..mga babaeng naka-sex nya...mga babaeng na sya ang short mga babaeng sinaktan nya..early 2004 yun..and then...i was having trouble in my law school at the the same time having a family dispute over some fort…

KidsAhoy BookFest Project: Happiness 2008

Start:     Dec 6, '08 10:00aEnd:     Dec 6, '08 5:00p

Thank God that it will start early.. i can stay there up to 4pm.. hehehehe