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Seriously Serious.. hahaha

My first serious try on putting textures.. I guess pde na.. less opacity lang on the textures.. 
yzabel is so serious in this photo.. i dunno why.. hahaha maybe she got bored waiting for the hot air balloon.. 

One Tree Hill Season V (-Drama TV Series)

Rating:★★★★★Category:Otherthis never fails to inspire me..

the tree hill gang came back with a 4 years fast forward scenario..

so many changes in the characters lives.. and they are really good..

Brook matured already, but still not having the love that she deserves from her own mom.

Lindsay's character somehow made me fantasize Lucas less.. hahaha i hate him for keeping Lindsay despite the fact that it's obviously Peyton still.. ( am so into it!)

oh God! i finished the whole season overnight! hahaha adik na adik eh..

Oh, i forgot! Marvin "Mouth" McFadden is one hell of a hot guy!! hehehehe

And oh, i hate the Nanny here.. i mean not just the character.. but also the trying-hard-to-have the Angelina Jolie's lips look.. so so trying hard tlaga.. with every bit she made.. hahaha

Dan Scott is really a changed man.. with all those regrets inside his heart.. I fell for him. But that's the story.. hahaha

funny is that Skills have Nathan's mom, Debbie as his girlfrien…

Raising the Bar (TV Series)

Rating:★★★★★Category:OtherNext to Boston Legal, i love this new TV series.. well it's not that new at all.. It started airing last year September.. But i just have the time to watch the pilot episode last night.

This one's good.. one that really suites me.. I mean, aside from the fact that i am taking law.. i somehow can relate to some situations like the BARGAINING for the lesser evil..

The idea of having my professor become my opponent in the near future (if God will let me pass the bar exam), is some kinda thrilling.. hahahaha

well, so far the series is just good for one season with 10 episodes.. i hope that it won't end there.. i love the cast of this series....

well for now here's the plot..

Idealistic public defender Jerry Kellerman does whatever it takes to assist the helpless and disenfranchised, which often leads to clashes in the courtroom presided over by Judge Trudy Kessler, a hard-liner hoping to become the city's next district attorney. Jerry also finds…