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One Tree Hill Season V (-Drama TV Series)

this never fails to inspire me..

the tree hill gang came back with a 4 years fast forward scenario..

so many changes in the characters lives.. and they are really good..

Brook matured already, but still not having the love that she deserves from her own mom.

Lindsay's character somehow made me fantasize Lucas less.. hahaha i hate him for keeping Lindsay despite the fact that it's obviously Peyton still.. ( am so into it!)

oh God! i finished the whole season overnight! hahaha adik na adik eh..

Oh, i forgot! Marvin "Mouth" McFadden is one hell of a hot guy!! hehehehe

And oh, i hate the Nanny here.. i mean not just the character.. but also the trying-hard-to-have the Angelina Jolie's lips look.. so so trying hard tlaga.. with every bit she made.. hahaha

Dan Scott is really a changed man.. with all those regrets inside his heart.. I fell for him. But that's the story.. hahaha

funny is that Skills have Nathan's mom, Debbie as his girlfriend.. which is a bit complicated talaga..

Actually, kulang pa toh.. pero am dead tired and sleepy na.. still im in-love with this series... ^_^

here's the plot for the whole season:
Ep.1 We return to Tree Hill four years later. Lucas is a bestselling author dating his editor; Peyton is an unhappy assistant at a record label in LA; Brooke is the owner of a clothing line, but finds that money can't make her happy; Haley and Nathan are in a strained marriage after Nathan was in an accident that left him temporarily paralyzed.

Ep2. Lucas and Skills help Jamie fix an old soap box car so he can race. Mouth gets a job, but finds that his new boss hates him; Peyton contemplates starting her own record label in Tree Hill. Haley's first day teaching at Tree Hill high is unsuccessful, and Nathan sinks into a sea of depression after his accident, pulled out by his son. Brooke resumes her role as Jamie's godmother.

Ep3.Lindsey wonders about the timing of Lucas's recent creative inspiration. Brooke and Peyton make business plans, while Mouth tries to win points with his boss Alice. Lucas and Skills finally make some headway with the Ravens, while Nathan tries to wrestle free from Dan's legacy.

Ep4.Peyton has her hands full with a musician who turns out to be problematic; Nathan's efforts to corral a defiant player are unsuccessful.

Ep5.Three years in the past, Lucas visits Peyton in Los Angeles with an offer that will change their relationship forever; Victoria (Daphne Zuniga) pressures Brooke to make a difficult decision about the future of her clothing line.

Ep6.It's confrontation time in Tree Hill, as Lucas confronts Peyton about her nasty behaviour towards Lindsey and Brooke must confront Victoria about meddling with Peyton's record label. Meanwhile, Nathan begins to grow closer to Carrie, Haley continues to struggle in dealing with Quentin, and Mouth must choose sides between his co-workers or Alice.

Ep7.The entire gang gathers at Tric to watch band The Honorary Title perform. While Peyton and Haley are busy trying to make this event include the introduction of their new musical act as well, Carrie takes the time to get closer to Nathan. Meanwhile, Brooke sets Mouth up on a blind date, and Lindsey confronts Lucas about his meeting with Peyton. Lucas asks Lindsey to marry him.

Ep8.Brooke continues to try to make progress in her pursuit of Owen the bartender; and Haley is conflicted about what to do regarding something she saw at Tric. Meanwhile, Mouth tries to redeem himself in the eyes of a potential new love interest; and Quentin's recent actions could negatively influence the season-opening game.

Ep9.At the first Raven's basketball game of the season, Haley, Brooke, Peyton, Lindsey and Mia find themselves locked in the Tree Hill High library. Tensions run high as Peyton and Lindsey face off over Lucas. Brooke tries to stand up for her mother when her friends go on the attack. Haley plays mentor to Mia, who is experiencing the elation and disappointment of fame. Meanwhile, Mouth, who is covering the game as his first official TV reporting assignment, struggles to find a story. Finally, Lucas and Nathan grapple with the decision to tell their loved ones about various indiscretions. The Ravens win their first game.

Ep10.After the Ravens game, Nathan comes home and takes a shower, only to find Carrie behind him naked. Haley finds them both, and kicked both out of house and fires Carrie. Brooke and Owen takes a trip to New York, and they run into someone from the past. Peyton is greeted by her old boss who wanted Mia signed as his label. Lucas gets a brief about Dan's hearing and goes with Nathan. Dan applies to the parole about his life, Lucas is mad at Nathan because they both agreed to protect Jamie from Dan. After all, the truth about Carrie and Nathan comes out and Haley wants a divorce.

Ep11. On the eve of Lucas and Lindsey's marriage, they conspire to save Nathan and Haley's. Brooke pairs Peyton with a surprise old boyfriend, while dealing with Victoria. Rachel returns to Tree Hill facing old challenges, while Dan also returns hoping for a fresh start.

Ep12. It's Lucas and Lindsey's wedding day and Peyton must choose whether to intervene or lose her true love forever. Nathan uses the occasion to attempt a reconciliation with Haley, and the recently paroled Dan shows up for the family reunion. Carrie drops by and decides to take Jamie and tells him that she is his new mother. Dan comes and saves the day. When Dan walks through the door, everyone in the room is shocked.

Ep13. Lucas picks up the pieces after being left at the altar by Lindsey, while Nathan and Haley deal with the repercussions of Jamie's abduction. Brooke is haunted by her past as she considers adopting, while Peyton gets a visit from an old friend.

Ep14.Lucas and Peyton discuss Lucas' aborted wedding, while Brooke gets a phone call that could change her life, and Millicent and Mouth take a new step in their relationship. Haley takes the first tentative steps towards a new career, and Nathan contemplates what it would take to get his game back.

Ep15.Lindsey returns to Tree Hill for Jamie's fifth birthday party, giving Lucas hope for their relationship. Brooke and Peyton prepare for life with a new baby. Dan tries to insinuate himself back into the lives of his family, ultimately divulging a secret to Nathan.

Ep16.Brooke deals with the difficulties of being a parent. Peyton visits Lindsey in New York. Quentin makes up with his enemies. Mouth gets his big-time shot. Lucas, Nathan, and Haley deal with Dan's revelation about his condition and whether or not to keep Jamie away.

Ep17.Lucas receives some devastating news from Lindsey. Brooke's baby undergoes heart surgery. Haley makes a decision about recording a new album. Skills and Nathan attempt a turn-around of the Ravens' season. Lucas makes a drunken, heart-wrenching confession to Peyton.

Ep18.Brooke is emotional about giving Angie back. Lucas deals with the aftermath of his actions in the game night scuffle. Haley has a musical breakthrough. Peyton gets news about a ghost from her past. Nathan and Jamie face their fears together.

Right now im done up to episode 6 of the latest season! wohooooo!! next in line Grey's Anatomy Seasons 4 to present! hehehehe


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