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  Over a year since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country continues to grapple with the challenges, which include the imposed quarantines and limiting of movements. Throughout this critical time, countless individuals and organizations have worked together and volunteered to provide support to those who needed it the most.   Among these is the Philippines’ leading carrier, Cebu Pacific, which is celebrating its 25 th anniversary this year. Driven by its mission and purpose, CEB immediately answered the call to join other partners in mounting extensive relief and humanitarian efforts towards helping those affected by the pandemic. Truly, the collective spirit of bayanihan shone through, and Cebu Pacific sincerely thanks its partners who went above and beyond the call of duty at an undeniably difficult time. Aiding in the transport of much-needed supplies The lockdowns resulted in restricted movements across cities and provinces, which then posed quite a challenge in ens

Just another HORRIFYING thing about the said pasta sauce.. READ so that you'll be aware..

here's the journal entry of Iris:

Pasintabi po sa mga kumakain, kakain o magluluto ng ulam na may Tomato Sauce....

Last night I got a buzz from my BFF Gertee:

Gertz (3/25/2009 9:33:12 PM): Preti!
Gertz (3/25/2009 9:33:36 PM): Me nakita akong parang pusit s loob ng pouch ng delmonte tomato sauce!!
Gertz (3/25/2009 9:33:41 PM): Pakshet! (CENSORED)
Gertz (3/25/2009 9:33:56 PM):
Gertz (3/25/2009 9:34:30 PM): Dati me ng email n s kin n me daga ang delmonte sauce pero dis 1 prang pusit n ewan eh!
Gertz (3/25/2009 9:34:38 PM): Syang luto ko n mechado!
Iris (3/25/2009 9:35:20 PM): yes pretty, totoo yun kasi taga ABSCBN living in Imus yung naka find out
Iris (3/25/2009 9:35:29 PM): Sa PUREGOLD IMUS niya binili
Gertz (3/25/2009 9:45:31 PM): Fuck (CENSORED)
Gertz (3/25/2009 9:45:46 PM): Ng picture ko na
Gertz (3/25/2009 9:45:59 PM): Kadiriii!
Gertz (3/25/2009 9:46:09 PM):

Want to see the pictures?

Hold your breath....
stuff inside the delmonte tomato sauce..

something inside a delmonte tomato sauce..
It looks like a squid but it could not be!
Because tomato sauces could not have a squid inside the pack, right?

But whatever it should not be there...


Remember this complaint?

The said item was bought in PureGold Imus and Gertee said she could have bought hers in SM Molino ---- wahhhhhh same batch siguro to!!! Puregold is only a few kilometers away from SM Molino! Mr. Bautista got the heart of the rat and Gertee probably received the body...eeeeewwwwww!

Anyway she already raised this complaint to Del Monte, let's see what they're going to do next :)


L E said…
naka set to private :(
Mommy Iris said…
copy mo na lang G :)
mel mariano said…
ung nalaman ko nga ito b4,now puro Hunts Tomato sauce na binibili ko...tapos nung namalengke ako the other day yung isang store dun puro del monte ang tinda naubos na daw ang Hunts ...
Kristine Pineda said…
awww. creepy naman :-s
Cristy Enriquez said…
grabeee naman!!! thanks for the info... kadire talaga....
R.O.A Gonzales said…
OMG! del monte user pa naman kami ever since! jusme!!!!
Mikhos Galletes said…
Yup... These things should be made public... Pagkain yan.... Delikado if we are not careful.
Mommy Iris said…
thanks for posting G, we're going to elevate this concern to the media if we don't receive a reply from DM tomorrow.
yes sis.. il post din sa blog ko.. para nman malaman nila kung anu tlaga nangyayari..
shocks super delikado naman nyan D:
thanks for the heads up!
yakeee!!! del monte pa naman kami lagi. huhuhu...
hahhaha buti na lang clara ole ako and hunts....Gross naman nito...
isshi neutron said…
uy grabe n yan a... dpt tla maayos ng del monte yan, sheesh...
Len Gonz said…
this is so gross!:(
Jay Valmonte said…
may tiwala ako sa delmonte pero sa puregold wala :D
delmonte pa naman din kami lagi..eww...gross..
yuck una ko tong nabasa rin duon sa facebook ni Tin kadiri talaga wala naman masyado nagbebenta ng delmonte tomato sauce here buti na lang kung meron man in can sya hindi in pouches though. Kaya madalas rin hunts gamit ko kasi yun ang madami here
b00giegirl wrote today at 3:54 AM
eeeewwww! it's so kadiri naman. they should complain about this!

ogieabastillas wrote today at 4:53 AM
anu yan =(

nivekdrawde wrote today at 6:20 AM
Shaks. Sa sm molino pa naman ako nggogrocery! Wah.

lovingcurves wrote today at 7:58 AM
oh my, i always use del monte sauce when cooking..i did not hear about the rat issue thing they had before..this is really think del monte has been around for so many years now..too bad they have poor quality...

mac24e wrote today at 9:00 AM
OMG! kadiri nman! people must know this..

katgener wrote today at 9:02 AM
love ko pa naman ang del mote... bakit nakakalusot ang mga daga dun? Sa bagay, kami nga we found out na may ipis na nakadikit sa loob ng bottle ng coke litro after the whole family finished the whole thing... ewww. nainum nga namin eh! nagka LBM mga bata dahil dun. Kaso di tinanggap ng coke complaints namin kasi daw pwede daw planted yun... EH bakit naman kami mag-aaksayang magreklamo?! Di naman kami desperada noh? Anyway, at the end... coke pa rin iniinum namin. Walang kadala-dala! : )

gie121 wrote today at 9:20 AM
ano ba yan! i use pa naman del monte when i cook spag etc.. :(

majoy84 wrote today at 9:43 AM, edited today at 9:43 AM
yucky!!! del monte should be sued for this!!

happyjuice wrote today at 10:06 AM
grabe naman yan.. :((

tanyakarina wrote today at 10:15 AM
clara ole na lang ako!

cutella08 wrote today at 10:35 AM
grabe naman di pala malinis ang del monte

SORRY.. i have to delete that blog.. hehehe pasted all the comments entered there..
buti na lang heinz gamit ko. kaloka!
di ko pa nabubuksan yung tomato sauce...

yoko na nga

lylah .. said…
ewwww....kadiri! ano ito?...paano nalang iyong mga spaghetti sauces ng delmonte? have mercy!!!!
[sam] samet said…
guys share ko din tong akin.. kadiri tlaga DEL MONTE TOMATO SAUCE "Filipino Style" awwwww filipino nga kaya?? hehehehe
ako din.. naka experience ng ganito.. YUCK.. im filing a complain against DEL MONTE

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