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Lunch at Ka-Inato's

First day in the city (Wednesday, April 25th). Had to go to Palawan State University to pay for my daughter's entrance exam for 1st grade and submit the forms to the Guidance Office.
We picked up Marnie at the office, for it's almost lunch time break. We headed to Ka-Inato, Rizal Avenue. I learned that this restaurant is partly owned now by Ka Lui's owner, hence the "Ka" in its name.
Took us some time to decide on what to eat. 

This faucet really caught my attention. A closer look of the naughty faucet.
Fresh Mango Shake for Marnie. As always, his all time favorite of all shakes!
Fresh Guyabano shake for me and Mikyla. 
Hail on these fresh fruit shakes! Costs Php75 each!  Taste: 10/10 of course!
We all had the Original Chix Inato. This costs Php95.00 The best tasting chicken inasal in town! (IMHO). Juicy chicken! Also available in Hot and Spicy! Taste: 10/10
Another shot. I love triangular shape of their "cup" of rice.. :) The chicken meat is actually bigger in actua…

Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee

First time to post something about a restaurant/cafe. It was one humid afternoon last week when Ness, Ayzee and I decided to have some coffee after attending the Sponge Cola's press con held at Shakey's Tomas Morato. 
Just a block away we found Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee.  The place looks cozy and the food/cakes on display looks do scrumptious.

 Ness wanted to try their Tuna Pasta. Looked yummy but smelled so fishy. Having less onions (or none I think) added to the "awful"(that's how Ness described it) smell.
Since I saw outside the Cafe's window their ad about Yogurt, I ordered Mango Tango (Tall). Taste like a normal mango shake and have not tasted a pinch of yogurt in it. I dunno.  Ness had a Kokko Jelly and Ayzee had her Caribbean Goddess. 
Since the cafe specializes in Cakes and Coffee, we tried 3 slices of different cakes.  First one is the Dulce the Leche, which costs Php90/slice. Taste: 10/10 for me. Not too sweet, just SAKTO! So creamy and soft. 
Ayzee and I h…


Due to the not so cool weather I asked our nanny to buy me some cold refreshment.  Fair enough for a Php16.00 worth. 

For the Love of Chuck's Shoes

The most-loved shoes of all time..

The Painter

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.

Man's Best Friend

Meet Paoie. Yzabel's dog.  A cross bred of Labrador and Pitbull.