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Bloggers Wanted ~ iPad Mini Holiday Event

iPad Mini Holiday EventHosted by Mom to Bed by 8 Prizes: iPad Mini Event dates: 11/21 - 12/5 Free Blog Event! Sign-up here, BLOGGERS WANTEDDon't forget to mention Life in an Island Paradise referred you!!

Trying Hainanese Delights for the First Time

This is long-over due post.. 
I am not a big fan of Chinese foods, but I admit that I love quite a few dishes of the Chinese cuisine.
After my daughter's event Last September 3 at the Sports Complex, we decided to go and roam around at Robinson's Place (Palawan).
Upon arrival at the mall, my daughter told me that she' very hungry and she wants to eat first before roaming. So I asked her which place she would want to eat, I don't know what's got into her upon choosing Hainanese Delights! 
I think she was attracted to the ads that was posted outside the restaurant. She's into chicken dishes that's why she got interested to dine in this place.

While waiting for our orders, I took the chance of taking photos of the place. Well, it's just a small one, but can served up to 30-40 persons. Our orders took almost 20 minutes to prepare. 

We ordered two (2) viands and drinks. They're also offering unlimited rice. For my daughter she ordered Chicken Heaven and ordered…

Ray-Ban Hero Products

Style, tradition and freedom of expression are the key values underpinning the philosophy of Ray-Ban, for generations the undisputed world leader in sun and prescription eyewear. Ray-ban debuted in 1937 with the Aviator model created for American Air Force pilots.
Unaffected by the conceptual transience of fashion, Ray-Ban immediately made a name for itself, thanks to the absolute quality and authenticity of its eyewear, now more “modern” than ever and worn by countless movie celebrities and trendsetters all over the world.
For 2012 and Ray-Ban’s 75th anniversary, the hero products are the Ray-Ban Aviator in its different shapes, with new original details and unique heritage lens – the Ambermatic, and the modernized classic, pairing flair and style with technology and convenience– the Folding Aviator.
The Ambermatic. Original Ray-Ban Ambermatic lens from 1978 are reintroduced for the first time into the Ray-Ban Collection. These lenses adjust both color and density for light and weather…

75 Legendary Years of Ray-Ban

Manila (Philippines), October 2012 – leading eyewear brand Ray-Ban is celebrating its 75th anniversary through its Ray-Ban Legends communication campaign.  Branded Lifestyle, Inc., exclusive distributor of Ray-Ban in the Philippines is spearheading initiatives that highlight the commemoration of Ray-Ban’s 75 remarkable years in the industry – from its historically relevant beginnings to its iconic status at the present.   

Ray-Ban Legends tells the history and the spirit of 75 years of being yourself and freely expressing your beliefs and personality. Since its creation in 1937 and up to the present day, honouring the values of authenticity and uniqueness constitutes the DNA of Ray-Ban.
Icons and legends of the past, present and future: this is the key message of Ray-Ban Legends. Shot by photographer Mark Seliger in California, the campaign frames seven legendary moments (one per decade), each inspired by a real life and particularly iconoclastic figure. Every character wears a Ray-Ban …

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

Being a plus sized lady, it's always been a hard time for me looking for undergarments that will suit me perfectly, that will give me the comfortable feeling while wearing them.

Thankfully, Wacoal have these product that can fit up to size 16(US) or a size XXL in Filipino. 

One of the product I love is the Slightly Padded Long Bra partnered with MIPS Hipster Seamless Panty. For some reason that I feel comfortable wearing them, and such confidence I have feeling a little sexy while some belly fats were hidden by the upper garment. :D

Aside from these perfect pair of undergarments, Wacoal are also selling plus-sized bras. Which are of high and long lasting quality garment, for a very reasonable price. (Well, you can't pay a very excellent quality product with a few cents).
With Wacoal products, it doesn't matter what your age is, or what size you are, as long as you're confident and bold with what you look, you are definitely beautiful inside out!

Taylor Swift's RED, Set for Release This November

Neva's Place: Back from the Ashes

Neva’s Place Restaurant, in Puerto Princesa was one of those very favorite places to eat on here in Palawan.

Way back in August, Neva's Place was burnt down. All were burnt, including the owner's family memorabilia. 

Within a few weeks time, the restaurant was back in operating business again. A week after the fire they started deliveries and take-outs of pizza again. Good thing the brick oven survived. They've reconstructed the roof. 
On the second week, the pastas and the salads came back: sarap-pinoy, tuna al pesto, puttanesca, seafood pasta, chicken al pesto, etc.

On the third week the rest of the items in their menu one by one came back, too! Chicken cordon bleu, lechon kawali, mashed potatoes, our very own Cuyonon dish called 'laoya' which is served with yaho' (Cuyonon bagoong) with langkawas (aromatic ginger), binagoongang baboy, ginataang gulay, roasted herbed chicken, Thai curried chicken, etc.

Today, my better half treated us (me and my daughter) for a sum…