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Five celebrities vie for the Elan Awards

Each one of us has a definition of the term “gentleman” but for those who have voted for “The 2013 Elan Awards: The Search for the Modern Filipino Gentleman,” it seems that impeccable style, inspiring achievement and high-wattage visibility are the unique factors that sum up this irresistible figure.

Since voting began last June 17 in McJIM Classic Leather Official Facebook Page, supporters have pushed the names Christian Bautista, Xian Lim, Dingdong Dantes, Coco Martin and Piolo Pascual to the forefront, giving us a foretaste of a heated competition among some of the most bankable celebrities today.  

Coming both from the Kapamilya and Kapuso networks, they each portray unique roles in  television and film and have different strengths and talents but what draws them together is their self-confidence that comes from having proven something of value.

For instance, Christian, the “Asian-sation,” has established himself as a record-breaking balladeer not only in the Philippines but in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Now, he wears the hat of an actor as the businessman Aston in the feel-good morning soap With a Smile in GMA 7. On the other hand, Xian, the new prince of primetime, has reached stratospheric fame with Ina, Kapatid, Anak. Now, he is poised to test his box-office mettle in the romantic comedy Bakit Hindi ka Crush ng Crush Mo, which he stars also with Kim Chiu.

Dingdong Dantes, once declared as of the world’s most sexiest men, needs no introduction as he has starred in some of the most memorable teleseryes of GMA 7. This actor proves that he has also the knack for producing quality films, such as the blockbuster Aswang Chronicles. Coco Martin, the King of Indie Movies, proves that he has also star power to shine in mainstream entertainment with his primetime hit, Juan dela Cruz. Last but certainly not the least is Piolo Pascual, the Eternal Heartthrob, who has won a grand slam for best supporting actor, starred in ABS-CBN’s high-rating teleseryers, and produced runaway hits such as the Kimidora franchise.

In a statement, McJIM Classic Leather commends voters for supporting the 2013 Elan Awards: “Our fans have exemplified good taste in supporting all of our 12 finalists, which are now led by these five handsome and talented men. What is unique among them is that they are not afraid to push the envelope in their respective fields. The competition among them is bottle-neck close. Just like those who have voted and will still vote McJIM Classic Leather Official Facebook Page, we are holding our breath in anticipation of who will bag The 2013 Elan Awards.”

As voting runs until August 2, it’s not impossible that a black horse may emerge at the forefront and snatch the title from the shoo-ins. Other contenders for the plum title are Senator-elect Sonny Angara, chef and Internet sensation Erwan Heusaff, big-band crooner Richard Poon, all-around heartthrob Derek Ramsay, award-winning actor Jericho Rosales, star cager and host Chris Tiu and football darling Phil Younghusband.

The 12 finalists were selected by high society columnist and late-night host Tim Yap, My Husband’s Lover star Victor Basa and rockstar DJ Sam YG from a list of names nominated by the fans of McJIM Classic Leather Official Facebook Page. They were able to introduce their picks under three categories: Elegance of Style, Manners and Etiquette and Accomplishment.

The Grand Winner of “The 2013 Elan Awards: The Search for the Modern Filipino Gentleman” will receive a prestigious designer trophy, P100,000 cash for himself, P100,000 to be given to the charity of his choice, and one-year supply of McJIM products. The finalists will receive plaques of appreciation and six-month supply of McJIM products.

For more information, visit McJIM Classic Leather Official Facebook Page.


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