PLDT Enterprise enables eLearning for South City Homes Academy

PHOTO: (L-R) Jonalyn Bayani, PLDT Enterprise Relationship Manager; Romana Espinosa, Chairman of the Board for South City Homes Academy; Rico Manalo, School President of South City Homes Academy; Raphael Penalba, PLDT Enterprise Relationship Manager PLDT Enterprise, continuing its efforts to strengthen digital connectivity for the education sector, equips South City Homes Academy (SCHA) in Laguna with technology solutions to support its eLearning efforts. As part of its ongoing efforts the academe industry through technology solutions, PLDT Enterprise’s partnership with SCHA gives its students and teachers the robust connectivity they need through BEYOND FIBER to aid their online learning initiatives. Mitch Locsin, PLDT FVP & Enterprise Revenue Group Head says that “PLDT Enterprise wishes to ensure the best possible education for students while at the safety of everyone’s homes, and our partnership with SCHA is a commitment that we are ready to provide any technology requirements o

GPS and Geo-Tagging: How Safe Can You Be?

How safe are you with your smartphone?

Recently, I have read something online and have viewed something on TV telling something about Geo-Tagging and GPS settings on your smartphone can be harmful to you and your family. Just simply giving a warning here.

Kindly watch this video for you to understand what I am telling.


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