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White Fence Country Cafe

Last week, I was doing a wedding coverage and the venue of the reception is new to me. Although I've been hearing it thru my friends, I've never been to this place. 

Last Wednesday was the first time I came and visited the place and dined in it.

First time I saw it, I fell in love with it!

It's but a small place and yet I felt it was full of everything. The owner of this place maximize it's usage. 

I love viewing / looking on all the wall decors. Cool effect to the eyes!

They crew/staffs were friendly and always with a smile whenever a customer comes in. 

They also play lovely music just like that of excellent sterling by music man bass at guitar center.

One of the best salad I've ever tasted. They have this balsamic sauce that fits perfectly with this greens. This Caesar Salad is valued at Php75.00

This is one of their best sellet! Nasi Goreng, a Malaysian dish. This is so full of flavor. Raw mango (the green strips on the side) goes along very well with the flavorful rice.

This main dish is a money for value at the price of Php165.00.

I'll give this Cafe/Restaurant a 5/5.
Price: 5/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Crew/Staff: 5/5
Food: 5/5


I love the interiors. The walls are in the same color as my bedroom so this cafe must feel homey to me.
Masshole Mommy said…
That looks like a cozy little cafe. They have a nice selection of food, too!!
Kung Phoo said…
That is the kind of place i would eat at... looks very quaint.
Franc said…
The place looks like a country home with a cozy ambiance. It would be really relaxing to be there.
HilLesha O'Nan said…
It has a quirky, yet a warm, inviting atmosphere. I love places like that!
What a beautiful Place. I love the decor. I also Love Nasi Goreing. I fell in love with it when I lived in Malaysia.
Candace Celmer said…
What a cute spot! Looks like so amazing comfort food.

Cindy Gordon said…
What a qaint little cafe! It looks so inviting!
Bonnie Gowen said…
What a cute place to eat. Thanks for the great pictures you shared.
Looks like a great place to eat at, wish I could go and try it out myself!
Michele D said…
What a super cute cafe. Oh my gosh! I love it!
Sweepster said…
This seems like a strange place to hold a wedding reception to me. It seems really small. Nice for an intimate evening though.
Ben Butler said…
This restaurant looks amazing! I love the atmosphere, and the food looks delicious. Thanks for sharing!
Tanya Coffman said…
Wow, it looks so colorful and cozy! :D
Donna said…
What a quaint place! I love the name, too. And the menu looks pretty darn tasty!
Ann B said…
I love the great decor. The windows make the cafe look so warm and inviting. The food looks amazing. I wish we were able to go try it. If i am ever in the area i will be stopping by for sure.
Ashley Nicholas said…
What a charming place! I'd love to visit if I'm ever in the area!
Rebecca Swenor said…
What an awesome country cafe. I love the decor and the food looks awesome. I love the menus and all the stuff they serve. Thanks for sharing.
Joseph Ptrags said…
What an adorable little place. I can definitely see this as a weekly spot to enjoy a meal with friends or family
Looks like a great place to have dinner with a loved one. Loved the pics!
This looks like a cute and comfy place to eat some yummy food!
Fabulous Perks said…
The place looks really cozy. I would love to dine there.
What a lovely place. I like that it has colorful areas. Nice to place to relax and enjoy a meal.
Payal Bansal said…
The interiors look great, and the food is so pocket friendly ... would love to dine here

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