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ALUFORM: Modular Homes in the Philippines

What comes to mind when you hear the word “pre-fab home”?

Bet you thought of soldiers’ barracks, temporary shelters or low-cost houses that the government put up for mass housing in the 60s and 70s.

But prefabricated homes have come a long way. Whether its purpose is to be a family home, a vacation getaway, or a home that one can use for business, one can now find a trendy modular home to cherish and be proud of because it looks good and performs superbly as a dwelling unit too.

Façade of the Aluform pre-fab home
Pre-fab homes today are practically custom-built, beautifully designed, sturdy, long-lasting, energy-efficient, and ready to meet the challenges posed by the elements. Although built in quick time, no compromise has been made on its quality or integrity. New homes that use this fast and flexible building technique have also been hailed for using sustainable, recycled, low-energy materials and fixtures that result in functional, space-efficient, eco-friendly design.
Master’s bedroom
Aluform PreFab Construction and Consultancy, makers of office buildings and technoparks, has brought stylish modular housing to the Philippines to meet the needs of young families, investment-seekers and upwardly mobile professionals on the lookout for homes that are ready for occupancy within a shorter waiting time. The modular dwellings are convenient to construct, flexible in terms of space usage and cost much less than a conventionally built home.

Cozy second floor seating area
Classy looking and stylish, Aluform Pre-Fabricated Homes come in two designs: Country and Zen. Both are airy, with their respective charm and appeal, are spacious and energy efficient, and make good use of available light and ventilation to lower energy bills by as much as 20%. The energy savings of up to 20% is due to good insulating roof and wall materials, plus sufficient air ventilation that keeps the stylish home in a comfortable 28 degrees Celsius zone at high noon!
Stairs leading up to the bedroom.
The façade is made of wood-like planks of finished materials, while the actual panels are reinforced with pre-cast concrete filled with insulation materials for total thermal, moisture and acoustic protection. These give the homes their energy-saving properties.

Designed for both luxury and function, strategically placed windows and doors allow natural light to enter the home. The windows use a certified double-glazed system that insulates the house from external noise and other kinds of pollution. Louver features below the roof keep the ceiling well ventilated at all times.

The houses have a floor area of 135 square meters and have a multi-purpose Lanai, which is one of the best features of Aluform Pre-Fabricated Homes. The generous space opens up the home investment to many possibilities. The lanai area can be used to make a bigger dining room, if desired, an entertainment area, a bigger garage. Or even to open up a business space like a home office, a mini grocery, barber shop, parlor, snack shop, kitchenette, or other enterprise that can make the home earn additional income for its owners. 

Built to withstand the elements, Aluform Pre-Fabricated Homes are easier to put up than conventional on-site constructions. One can have a home built in 60 days or less that is immediately livable because furnishings are already in place within that period. Highly versatile, they are also good for export and are transferrable to other locations in the future, if desired.

“Aluform Pre-Fab Homes are highly desirable during these times when more and more families and individuals lead an active lifestyle and are discovering their entrepreneurial spirit. They can be lived in as simple residences, but can also make good home offices or the site of income generating ventures. Enterprising owners can make them places where they can “live and earn”. There are infinite possibilities,” says Ritchie Catalan, Marketing Officer of Aluform Industries, Inc.

Aluform Industries, Inc. supplies the materials for the homes but would-be owners can engage their own contractors if preferred. They can also avail of Aluform’s services for the house construction.

For more information and dealership inquiries, call (0917) 828-8189 and (0917) 891-1088. Or email

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Samantha Angell said…
I've seen some prefab homes that have actually looked pretty fabulous. It is great that the aluform homes can save you up to 20% on energy costs- that is huge not only for the homeowner, but also for the environment! I also think it is great that the can be built and lived in within 60 days- my husband and I have looked at buying a home recently, and we would be looking at about 6 months of construction!
Jeanine M said…
Wow I haven't ever seen a pre fab home like this before. I don't really know much about them at all so this is pretty neat to see! It's very lovely!
Oh how pretty. I would have never thought a pre-fab home could look this good inside and out. We don't have any around my area but they do in some of the surrounding towns where they have military bases. Thanks for sharing, I wouldn't mind living in one of these myself, ha.
kat b said…
That is absolutely beautiful! I hope to have a beautiful house like that someday. I would love to be able to live in a house like this. I never even knew about pre fab homes until I read your post. Now I'll know, thanks!
Wow, this is beautiful. I love the stair case. I didn't know they could do that with modular homes. It also looks very spacious. The large windows are also an added bonus along with the fact that it's energy efficient.
MJ Jacks said…
This is amazing. I've seen a few on television but this looks like a different level. And I definitely love the energy savings aspect. I wouldn't have an issue purchasing one of these homes.
Masshole Mommy said…
It looks so clean and the setup is really nice. I think it's great that they save so much energy!
Those properties are amazing - I wish that they had houses like that here in the UK! I love the airiness of them. Beautiful.
CourtneyLynne said…
Omg these places look pretty fabulous!!!! They need these where I live in NY lol ;-)
Ann B said…
This looks like such a cute house. I love the staircase.
Marie Moody said…
My MIL belonged to a Christian Group that they would go to these countries and build these pre-fab homes for the poor. I've got pictures they're so cool. My MIL was one fantastic awesome lady. Turkey that was one of the places. Those homes are awesome too.
Victoria said…
I always wonder how homes look in other countries. It seems as though the homes look similar there as they do here. I love the layout of this home though, it is very beautiful. Thanks for giving us this peak.
Miranda Myrabev said…
oh wow prefab homes have come a long way, i have never actually seen one look this amazing usually avoid them big time but this is new on me
Lisa said…
Our first house was prefab. (The one we live in now is 80 years old). I have zero complaints about it.
That home looks so beautiful, it's like nothing i have seen before; it's really classy and I'd love to live in something just like it!
Fiona said…
This house looks really beautiful, I love houses with that sliding effect on the outside, reminds me of The Sims :) The inside is decorated so beautifully too. I would definitely love to live in a house like that.
Kristen said…
super cute homes!
Chrystal Mahan said…
I think a lot of people associate "prefab" with "mobile" or "modular" home. Completely different. My cousin and her husband used a prefab home to put on their land many years ago. It was the cutest thing ever.
Wow - only SIXTY days before being able to live in it?! THat is so amazing. I love how much light is in the master bedroom. That would be a great place for me to take photos. The staircase is beautiful, and the exterior is very charming. I had no idea that the term was "prefab" home. Maybe I call it something different here in the US. Either way, what a cute option to live in!
mail4rosey said…
I'm loving the natural light pouring in. The staircase is pretty rocking awesome too.
Tamika Mapp said…
This is my first time seeing a pre-fab home and it looks very cozy. Great picture.
Jenni said…
Wow! They sure don't look like they used to! They're coming along so much more modern looking now, I love the staircase in the one photo!
Kendall Rayburn said…
That home looks so nice and roomy! Very different from what Ive seen in the past!
Stacy Bolton said…
They have come so far with these, they are absolutely beautiful!!
Natalie H said…
Never really heard of a prefab house before, but I looked it up and it looks really awesome. I love how comfy this house looks, I would totally live there.
Eliz Obih-Frank said…
You are right. Prefab homes today are so much more sophisticated than the ones of old. The pictures you shared are proof of that point. I'd consider buying one myself.
Bonnie Gowen said…
Wow that looks amazing. When I hear pre-fab homes I think of old trailers etc. I didn't realize they have changed so much. Would love to live in one. =)
melanie feehan said…
Gorgeous home. I've heard very good things about modular homes. They've come a long way since they first came out!
lauriel said…
It's amazing how much pre-fab homes have been innovated and improved. The fact that they can even be two floors now..! (okay, maybe I'm behind the times) The materials and color scheme look great. I love being in the kitchen, so I'm curious to see what that looks like.. ;)

Michelle Hwee said…
This is an absolutely beautiful home! i love everything about it. It just looks so spacious and comforting. I think I love most is that the front of the house, including the yard is just so tidy and neat as the interior. I love the staircase and the bedroom set up. Beautiful home!
Erica Bodker said…
What a beautiful home. I'm not sure that I have ever even hear of a pre-fab homes but then again I have not bought a home in a while haha. I love the wood paneling on the stares
Cherri Megasko said…
I agree ... prefab homes have come a long way since when I was a kid. These photos are very nice.
Yona Williams said…
'Pre-fab' makes me think of a pre-fabricated house that comes already put together. I enjoyed seeing your photos of examples...I definitely didn't picture them looking like that.
Danielle said…
This looks like such a cute little house. Its been awhile since I have been to the Philippines.
Now this is nice. I would love this home as a one story though. I'm getting older and these stairs in our home are starting to get on my nerves... not to mention my sister fell down them a few days ago.... we're over them.

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