Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The true typhoon of Sandstorm 2014.

Sandstorm aftermath.
It really pains me recalling the ordeal we had along with other 10 bloggers who commission to cover the Sandstorm Electronic Experience last Nov 22 and 23 at Southcrest beach resort in San Juan, Batangas. With our plus one companion I decided to push thru with the invites from The Big Difference Communications of Cherry Bustamante-Burwell thinking it will be a fun activity,  after all being a Palawenyo I love swimming at the beach, this is after I along with other three bloggers experience not so nice experience at the The Vyne Bar in BGC a week before the so called music fest, also arrange by Bustamante with Sandstorm producer.

On the day of the event, we waited for 4 hours at the DLTB bus station before departure to the venue of the event.  Upon arrival we were surprise that the welcoming committee seems not expecting us to be there hence like they were not inform of our arrival, nevertheless they accommodate us and the rest are ugly history to recall how we survive the 15 hour at the beach, from the Villa accommodation to the food ration in a plastic bag that serve to us.

Our food supply for breakfast
Come morning, we struggle to look for breakfast and the information of how are we going to disembark from the place, the water at the Villa is at on-off situation that each of us must pee somewhere in order for our room not to smell bad. The tent mention as alternative accommodation is also nowhere to be found either.

Until I was given a chance to talk to the ones invites us to be there and demanded right away that we want to go home and stop the agony. I even foretell how one of the organizers lambasts Cherry and her way of dealing with them, it’s like we are in the middle of crossfire of this two unorganized people we knew at that time.

With due all respect to Burwell she did open the line right away to patch up everything, even promise us that he and Jacob So, the producer are willing to make up to all of us and I guess buried to the sand what happen, but what Burwell didn’t realize along with her group that we don’t trust her anymore, that we are in trauma in dealing with her, it’s not what we want to do to augment our feelings. Her group in our thread of conversation even demand us to be “Professional”, and say what we want and not to voice out load our feelings in some forums since they are just there waiting for our response to whatever offer we may wish to happen.

What surprise me to this event is the accusation that I took away a mason jar because I was seen wrapping it up, that scenario happen in one of the event of Bustamante wherein I cannot see the connection why it has to be brought up to this Sandstorm brouhaha.  I regret not getting it so their claim can be valid, however I feel like it’s a faultfinding thing maybe to discredit me personally.

We did a series of consultations from my former colleagues in Media to long time bloggers we know, even to some establish PR group we are close with, some told us to demand money in exchange of our stories, some suggest to sit down and come up with another out of town free expense travel of  all the people involved in this drama. Yes there is also a suggestion that we just request a one night party and a lot of freebies.  Other advise us to demand for a public apology sign and publish. I even ask same questions to Cherry’s group but only two bravely answer and advise us what to do best. And majority told us just to write what happen and not deal with this PR group anymore nor demand anything.

The true Typhoon of this Sandstorm 2014 is our experience,  that typhoon not only lies in our mind but in our hearts, that experience cannot be bribe nor replace by any events invites, or material gifts in case. At the end of the day we value that it’s our obligations as bloggers to share real and true stories, what we feel, and how we cope up with it. Of course we don’t war but we are hoping they will realize that we are just telling “our own stories”. It’s not our intention either to destroy people to the fullest of their future, but as the saying goes “Truth will always prevail”.

What The Big Differences Communications and Cherry must understand is that saying sorry is not always an excuse to let a situation die down on its natural way, remember there should be an ownership and of course the sincerity above all, and not passing the ball to someone because he is the one who promise the heaven and earth.  Time is the best healer, all wounds will be healed in due time and not by pressuring us to speak our mind immediately and laid our demands. Like a typhoon, it will subside and melt in the ocean at a given time and space.

As for the Sandstorm, I believe in the project that’s why I gamble to witness it, but the foundation of putting it up from objectives to its goal must be properly laid, I even suggest to make it a festival of Filipino Disc Jockey in competition, who know’ s it could be the Oscar of Dj’s in the country. Comprehensive study and getting good people with good background in the events fields must be a key to make it successful.


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