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The Ultimate Gamer Package for Christmas

It's that time of year again, when the whether is cold outside its time to stay in and play some video games.
Whether you, a friend or a close relative is a gamer there is always nice stuff to get them this time of year.

Sony PS4

Sony - Playstation 4 Black 500 GB Console (PS4)
A new generation of gaming is here! The PS4 would be a great gift for any gamer, allowing them to experience the new graphics and features the console has to offer
Sony - Playstation 4 Black 500 GB Console (PS4) - $399.99, Free shipping - Available at B&H Photo-Video
(55 reviews)

Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

Astro Gaming - A50 Wireless Headset - Astro Edition
Get ready to hear those enemy footsteps! The Astro A40 gaming headset is great for interacting online with friends through multi-player video games, with superb quality and a variety of colors the A50s are always a good choice for gaming headsets.

Astro Gaming - A50 Wireless Headset - Astro Edition - $299.99, Free shipping - Available at Best Buy

Custom Controllers

Custom Controllers
Custom controllers allow for a more versatile gaming experience. Increase you skill and have the advantage over others.

Sony - Bloody Splatter Ps4 Rapid Fire Custom Modded Controller 35 Mods COD Advanced Warfare, Destiny, Ghosts Quick Scope Auto Run Sniper Breath and More - $149.95, Free shipping - Available at Marketplace

Thumbstick Grip Cap Covers

AZsetech - AZsetech PS4 Thumbstick/Joystick Grip Cap Cover 8-Pack (white;blue;red;black)
Improve your aim with Control Freaks! Control Freaks or thumbstick grips and extenders for your video game controllers. The come in a multiple lengths, colors, shapes and can have custom symbols and icons embedded on the grip. Great for those hardcore gamers looking to improve their game.

AZsetech - AZsetech PS4 Thumbstick/Joystick Grip Cap Cover 8-Pack (white;blue;red;black) - $4.80, Free shipping - Available at Marketplace


Microsoft - Xbox LIVE Prepaid 12-Month Gold Membership (Xbox 360)
With all the new hardware for the games you got how can you play them? Well treat yourself or someone you know to either XBOX Live or PS Plus online subscription. These subscriptions allow you to play online multiplayer and give you access to a plethora of discounts and freebies. Go ahead and sign up for this Christmas

Microsoft - Xbox LIVE Prepaid 12-Month Gold Membership (Xbox 360) - $59.99, Free shipping - Available at Microsoft Store

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Diana said…
This is a great post! The Xbox live membership is my go to gift for so many of the kids in my family. I am going to check out the headset now, my son has been asking for one for his YouTube videos!
my husband would love this!
Fiona said…
These are great gifts for gamers. I know so many people who'd love these things.
Masshole Mommy said…
Those custom controllers are cool. My kids would love something like that.
Stacy Liong said…
give this to your boyfriend and I'm sure he'll marry you
Anonymous said…
Thumbstick Grip Cap Covers! My husband does well with the game, but I think he would like these. It is amazing what is out now for gaming!
Katarina Kovcin said…
Great! Not so much of a gamer myself, but amazing idea to recommend!
Ben Butler said…
OMG, that is EPIC! I think I should get this as a gift for both myself and my nephew. We can share it. We play together all the time anyway.
kat b said…
My husband would love all of these! I already know he really wants the PS4. Maybe in the next few months after the holidays we'll actually be able to get it.
CourtneyLynne said…
Omg my hubby probably has every single one of these items on his Christmas dream list lol....
Miranda Myrabev said…
Though not big on gaming I would so love those custom controls they would look pretty in my hands lol
Marie Moody said…
My 13 yr. old grandson is our gamer in the family and he would flip over this one. I better go whisper in Santa's ear.
joy said…
This is a great list! I'm part of a gaming family, but I had no idea they made those thumb grips! Definitely picking up some of those as stocking stuffers. :)
Ben Butler said…
They're all on mine!
Echo A said…
My husband and my son would freak over this! I love the custom controller!
Vicki West said…
Thank you for sharing these! My grandson would totally love the controller!
Tanya Coffman said…
My kids are all wanting the newest system too! I didn't see before now that they had awesome new controllers :D
Nina Say said…
This is just like my christmas list! And my husband now that I think about it
loveforlacquer said…
Great list! Pretty sure this is my husbands wish list all rolled up into one!
Anonymous said…
Carmen Perez: I love the custom cute is that?
Michele D said…
My son would love that gamers headset. Looks great to use on his Xbox.
Lisa B said…
That is a great headset. My son was asking for a new headset and Xbox live.
Mama to 5 said…
I did not know they made thumbprint covers. That is really a cool concept!
It all looks like great gift ideas. My son is a gamer so he would like any of it.
My Thirty Spot said…
These are some grey gifts! I think my husband would be in heaven!
Those custom controllers looks so cool! I wouldn't mind one of those for myself lol. My nephew would love a PS4 for Christmas, his a game freak.
Liz Mays said…
My son is a gamer through and through. I'll bet a few of these things would be a hit with him at Christmas!
Yona Williams said…
I know that when my nephew got a wireless headset for his XBox Kinect, it took his gameplay to a whole notha' level. And, I was very happy that I didn't have to hear all of the chatter of XBox Live.
We're on the hook for these big ticket items this year -_-
We've got to buy the Xbox One though, rather than the new PS. I would prefer the latter of the two, personally, but the boys asked Santa for the other and ho ho hooooly crap they're expensive!
Jenni said…
Wow! Those custom controllers are really cool. I love the way they look.
A PS4 is on our wish list. We do like our Xbox though.
Lisa said…
My kids want the PS4. I'm waiting for our PS3 to die first.
My BF is a gamer and I am so sure he'll love this!
mail4rosey said…
That's a guy list right there. Every guy in my family would like those items!
HilLesha O'Nan said…
I hardly game much as I used to, because I stay so busy! Maybe someday I'll settle down and be able to play a game. Great list!
Manu Kalia said…
The wireless headset is my thing. I think I'm buying it for this Christmas.
spiffykerms said…
I bought my husband a PS Vita for Christmas one year - he was definitely surprised!
spiffykerms said…
I bought my husband a PS Vita one year for Christmas. He was so surprised - he actually brings it on our airplane rides now when we fly back home (which is like a 10+ hour commute).

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