Friday, September 30, 2016

Enter the World of Music

Technology has made our lives simpler and with the new developments in technology not only is life getting simpler but technology is continuing to make more differences in our lives by contributing to various spheres of our lives like entertainment . With the internet all this has now come to our very doorstep at just the click of the mouse.

Earlier for the purpose of listening to a song atleast a visit to your local music store was required and seeing a video meant watching the band perform at one of their concerts or then getting  a music video from the music store. Now anytime you wish to listen to some great music or watch a music video just log on and you can watch your favourite songs or watch free music videos and watch music videos in the comfort of your home. There is just no need anymore to venture out , technology has brought everything you desire right into your home or workplace.

There is good news for all music lovers . Now with internet technology , music fans can not only listen to their favourite artists but also watch free lyrics.  All the songs are available at just a click sitting in the comfort of your home just like guitar center hallandale hours. Not only can you now watch songs but also song lyrics and hear and enjoy the music and even sing along with the lyrics and all available to you.

Internet is a world of choices for all music lovers and provides you all the information and the latest happenings in the music world. You can be up to date on all music news and the current hits on the US top 20 or the singles charts. The music site offers you the flexibility of watching your favourite stars totally uninterrupted(free from all the hosts) . The music site is a legal way to watch music unlike using pirated versions .

It not only the music enthusiasts but also the music companies that have realized the potential of the internet as a great marketing tool for promoting their music.  You can not only watch music videos but also rate music videos. This would be useful to the other members in making a decision on their watches and also provides a good feedback to the music companies about the choices or preferences of the fans.

The music site thus, provides you access into a whole world of music and music alone where you are the King. You can decide as to what you want and bring it home at just a click. You can then listen to the music of your choice or watch music videos at your own convenience and even rewind and see your favourite music videos over and over again. The world of music is now waiting for you to explore and soak in all that you can. Just log on and at the click you can venture into this beautiful melodious world and be lost in the tunes and rhythms of your favourite stars.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Davao at its best in Pearl Farm.

Visiting once again Davao City is definitely more fun, exciting than ever as you explore its boundless offers. But it is more rewarding if you have the chance to stay in Pearl Farm, one of Mindanao’s iconic tourist haven that for so long maintain its glory.

Along with the buyers of the recently concluded Philippine Travel Exchange organize by the Tourism Promotion Board, we are lucky enough to get to know more of this priceless property that once bacon the tourism industry of Davao, here I gave you five best reason why you should consider staying in Pearl Farm.
1. Best Service.
Undeniably Pearl Farm is still at its best in terms of service to their guests, the staff won’t stop greeting you whenever they see you along the way, and one good thing about it is you can feel the warm and their sincerity. Their smiles will make your day believe me.

Upon arrival it’s not the welcome drink you will look forward, to our surprise they have this welcome foot massage, oh boy that thing is so nice and for me is a gesture that make you feel at home. It is a Royal treatment indeed.
The Giant Clam Sanctuary.
2. The Sand and its Seas.
The sparkling green waters, the majestic blue sky and that fresh air, will make you fall in love with this resort. But it’s not all of that, it’s the water activity you will look forward to do, The Island Garden City of Samal as we all know has a lot to offer not just its beach.

On a nearby is a  Coral atolls that will make you find Nemo and Dory, perfect for snorkelling that Pearl Farm is offering but it is also open to public in case, and never miss to visit the Giant Clam Sanctuary where Taklobo Tours happen. I guarantee you that you’ll be amused with under the sea creatures, their ever color varieties will make you breathless. This tour is a community base project that Pearl Farm is supporting ever since.
Malipanot Island Cottages.
And a swimming in Malipanot Island, another adjacent resort of Pearl Farm is another heaven to consider, it’s just a 2 minute or more from the main resort island.  Its powdery sand surely needs a kiss to your skin. This island mostly have the Pearl Farm most price accommodation ranging mostly at P45,000 that is good for six people. Samal Cottages were we stay usually range from P6,000 up and its best to stay with good view of many school of  fishes down under. 

3. Food Galore adventure.
Pearl Farm best asset is its food offering, of course seafoods usually fresh catch of the day are so sumptuous. We had a dinner at sunset at the beach and it is unforgettable indeed, their wide varieties of fresh vegetable salads are something to look forward because they had it best.

In one occasion we had a lunch at the beach of Malipanot Island, grill barbeque from tuna to squids to pork meat are all satisfying after swimming for many hours. A shrimp meal in any course is a favourite of mine in Pearl Farm.
4. Cultural Immersion
Pearl Farm being the jewel of the south, has a lot of stories to tell, well not about the security issue or something some tourist are avoiding to visit, but its staff that I truly grateful to know, its a mix of cultural race combine in this five star island resort. I remember chatting to one of its staff who have a Maranao blood, and to the next City boy who are serving in our breakfast.
No wonder it is melting pot that we can learn many lessons and values in life, their welcomed dinner to us with Kalumon Cultural Group is a winner, we learn how to wear a Malong and of course appreciates its dances like Singkil.
5. Never out of style.
Being a front line in promoting tourism, a vacation to a world class standard is a priority of Pearl Farm. When we are there the left samal cottages are being renovated so it can suit to the needs of modern day relaxation, their many kinds of amenities are being upgraded every now and then.
Being a wedding destination, (yes they have a Chapel in Malipanot island) Pearl Farm is on the construction as of this writing for their new sports facilities and convention centers, this is to answer the needs of Davao City as being the premiere destination of Conventions, conferences, Events and meetings. The management inform us that these areas they are developing are expected to be available in use by 2017.
For more information and promos about Pearl Farm Davao, visit their official site at

Friday, September 23, 2016

Chaolong from Palawan, now in Cavite City.

The well love Pork Buto-Buto (Pork Rice Noodle)
Chaolong, The ultimate fast food of Palawenyos that was simply called rice noodles, a great influence from Vietnamese refugees who stay and reside in Puerto Princesa is travelling from the last frontier, and this time at the historical province of Cavite.

Chaolong Hauz is barely two year old since it started operation April of 2015 in San Antonio near Sangley Point in Cavite City, but it didn’t last long they decided to move it to a more commercial and strategic location in Felipe st.

Benjamin Magura own the said resto along with Madilyn Faderanga who supervised the operation most of the time, the idea of bringing Chaolong in Cavite started after enjoying the said meals in Palawan, and from then on they study carefully the preparations and how to market it in Metro Manila. Benjamin is a Navy Officer that frequently assign in Cavite for his assignment. Magura and Faderranga are siblings with Palawan roots.
Ms. Madilyn Faderanga of Chaolong Hauz.
Madilyn told us that at first they import noodles from Palawan, but later on they decided to create their own home made rice noodles in order to survive the needs of their resto, she told us that being a fan of Chaolong in Palawan, they maintain the real ingredients and its taste to make it authentic ala Palawenyo style.

The serving for one bowl is really big enough to comfort any hungry stomach, like one bowl of Pork Buto-Buto cost P89 that comes with one hardboiled egg that makes it special, while the regular serving cost only P79. They also offer small bowl for P69 for those who can consume the big bowl.
Beef Stew
There is also a Beef stew for the same price per serving, and of course the best partner of Chaolong cannot be absent, the French bread, plain bread cost P25 while with meat is P35 each, they have Asado, Tuna and Chicken fillings as well for P55.

The 35 seating capacity resto is located at 1229 JP Felipe St at Brgy. 29-A in Cavite City. For commuters you may take any UV express at the SM MOA terminal and advice the driver to drop you at the McDonalds in Cavite City, and from there is a stone away for the location of Chaolong Hauz just exactly at the crossing intersection. They are just across the Olarte’s Pizza or Landbank Bldg.
Aside from Chaolong, they also offer ChaoSiLog a combination with fried rice and egg with add on such as Danggit (fried dried rabbit fish) or Squid. They are open Monday to Saturday from 8 in the morning to 12’midnight, and on Sunday they open 2 in the afternoon till midnight.

Chaolong Hauz is also open for delivery only for bulk orders within Cavite area, you may contact them at mobile number (0948)099-3120.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tanghalan Pilipino to stage Shakespeare’s Pangarap Sa Isang Gabi ng Gitnang Tag-Araw.

The premiere Theater Company that gives us “Mabining Mandirigma”, Zsazsa Zaturna and Himala, The Musical is now doing a tribute to the greatest playwright ever lived, William Shakespeare thru an adaptation of his well love classic, “Midsummers Night’s Dream”.

Under the direction of acclaimed Film Maker Carlos Siguion-Reyna, Pangarap Sa Isang Gabi ng Gitnang Tag-Araw as translated by National Artist Rolando Tinio is having a three week limited run from September 30 to October 16, 2016 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.
During its launch recently at Fo Guang Shang Mabuhay Temple, Direk Carlos that is a provocative staging emphasizing on the Dark version of staging, it is a combination of Filipino lines by Tinio, and the English titles of Shakespeare.

“The Dark is I want to explore most, it’s kinda risky”, admitted by Siguion-Reyna whos film credits includes “Ligaya”, Ang Lalake sa Buhay ni Selya, Azucena and many other. He also direct theater before specifically “Walang Sugat” in Tanghalan Pilipino too.

TP Artistic Director Nanding Josef announce that this is in line with Shakespeare 400th year death anniversary, and he clarify that it is not the first time that the resident theater company of CCP is doing an English play, they’ve been doing it way back.

“Shakespeare play have universal message, love, equality and many other virtues.” Josef said.
Excerpts from Pangarap sa Isang Gabi ng Gitnang Tag-Araw.
Joining the cast is film and TV actress Jackie Lou Blanco, who also had her first theater experience way back thru Tanghalan Pilipino. Her return in stage is a reunion with the said company. Trumpet’s Audie Gemora is also in the cast, it’s his first time to act in a Shakespeare play. Blanco is playing Hipolita while Gemora is Oberon.

Fresh from her stint as Apolinario Mabini in Mabining Mandirigma, Liesl Batucan is also in this production as Titanya. Other cast are Teroy Guzman, Skyzx Labastilla, Richard Cunanan and Rafa Siguion-Reyna.

Pangarap sa isang gabi ng gitnang araw artistic staff includes Rody Vera as the Dramaturg, Toym Imao for the set design, John Batalla for the lights, TJ Ramos for the sound and James Reyes for the costume.

Siguion-Reyna said that he is keeping the woods as the setting of the play that explores the world of fairies and humans. 

For more details, contact Tanghalang Pilipino Foundation, Inc at 02-832-1125 local 1620/1621 or tru mobile Lorelei Celestino 0915-607-2275. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pampanga, a re-introduction Tour by Northpine Land.

The parish church of St.James the Apostle or aka Betis Church of Pampanga.
Pampanga, the country’s culinary capital where Sisig and Buko Pandan originates, is now a haven for this new modern subdivision called Montana Views by Northpine Land Inc. Choosing to live in Pampanga has many reasons to consider, that’s why Northpine take us to a tour of Pampanga, the largest province in Central Luzon that offers history and resilient stories.
Montana Views.
Our first hello is at the maiden property of Northpine, which is the Montana Views located in between San Fernando and Mexico, Pampanga.  It’s a housing and lifestyle community that own by multinational companies like Hongkong Land, BDO, Metrobank and San Miguel Properties.

Montana Views is 25hectares property and 8 hectares of land is allocated for amenities alone, it is non flooded area as tasted by the past typhoon who visit Central Luzon in the past years. To know more about Montana Views, pls check below our interview with Jurie Roa, the Marketing Officer of the said properties.
Bethis Crafts Inc.
Next stop we have is the world class furniture maker in Guagua, who made noise by making the throne chair of Miss Universe Sushmita Sen in 1994 when it was held here in Manila. This 44 year old craftsmanship is run by the passionate couple Jose and and Myrna Bituin. The compound also house their showroom that mostly show finest and quality furnitures that they export abroad, most of them are made to order for hotels and royal palaces.
The visits to Betis Crafts is truly an inspirations to witness, the passion and the people they are helping in the community is such a legacy. Their furniture’s of carved woods, to traditional and contemporary art designs, mirrors, even sculptures are really magnificent and a pride of our land.
Bethis Crafts is now aiming to make the chair or the throne for Miss Universe 2016 which is to be held again here in the Philippines. For visits you may send them an email at or call them at (63-45)900-0309.
San Guillermo Parish Church.
We only had a very quick tour of this 100 hundred year old Church of Bacolor, this town parish become popular after being seen on TV as the location of the hit religious serye “May Bukas Pa” of ABS-CBN that billed Zijan Jaranilla as Santino.

Prior to that it was one of the memorable photos of Lahar tragedy that was seen as half buried in 1991.
Inside Betis Church.
St. James the Apostle Parish Church.
I am so overwhelmed by this Baroque design Church that was built around in 1660, it is also called as Betis Church which is the name of the place in Guagua. It’s magnificent ceiling like the one in Sistine Chapel in Vatican is a delight on the eyes specially if you are a Catholic.

From the dome to the pulpit up to the view of the main altar is a classic journey in time, the retablo on the main altar will leave you breathless due to its design and decorations. Due to time constraints we were not able to visit the museum of the church, but I heard it’s also a must to see art pieces that mold the town and its people.
Atcheng Lilian’s Kitchen.
Pampanga tour is not complete without the gastronomic tour, being the culinary capital it is given to have a taste of their specialty. Good thing Northpine bring us for lunch at the residential house of Pampanga’s icon in culinary, Atcheng Lilian Borromeo in house resto is one of the best experience we had for this trip.

Atcheng Lilian is notable for his organic and original recipes, but the best for me is her Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew) version that really make me almost forgot my name, its flavor from unique blend of vinegar captivates my senses, and it’s a unique one I’ve seen because the blood is not mix with the stew.

She already publish many books about foods and tips in cooking, she even had a local TV show and was featured in many programs as the icons of Pampanga for food, and she is a devotee of San Nicolas, the patron saint who is known in giving biscuits, Atcheng one devotion is creating and selling biscuits that most local consider it sacred once it was bless with holy water of course by a Catholic Priest.

Atcheng house in Mexico is not usually open to public, if you want to taste his culinary prowess you should do arrange it early so she can prepare well, She can be reach via landline at (045)9660211 or thru mobile at 09157730750.
Northpine Land Satellite Office.
We had a very short stop at Northpine Land Office along Macarthur Highway covering the downtown of San Fernando. The said office is crucial to Northpine where they close all the transactions and deals for the buying of properties.
During the stop , we are given a precious dessert that sells like hotcake in Mt.Arayat, it’s the flavorful and not to sweet Kabigting Halo-Halo. The milk used for this local ice shakin snack is from Cow’s milk, and it taste so good and refreshing.
Pamintuan Museum.
I so love this next visit we had at Pamintuan Museum that mostly features lifestyle instead of traditional artifacts that can be seen in heritage places. Yet Pamintuan Mansion is a witness and a venue to many historical events in Angeles City, but the gallery inside are delight to see since it focus on how the living is like before, like the arrangement of bed, sofa and of course the dresses during Spanish colonization.  Even Filipino Myths and games are also featured in one of its gallery.
Old ornaments of pre-hispanic clothing of Filipinos.
We are also able to climb the highest peak of the mansion passing tru secret stairs, this Mansion serve as the headquarters of Gen. Antonio Luna in 1899, became the so called Malacanang of the country in the same year. It is also the headquarters of Gen. Douglas MacArthur and one of the station for Japanese Kamikaze pilots during the World War II.

Pamintuan Museum is now being managed and maintain by National Historical Commission, and they are open Tuesday to Sunday at 8am to 4pm with no entrance fee. You can call them for scheduled visits at (045)304-4042 or tru mobile 09175538107.
Holy Angel University
Northpine knows how to save the best for last, the visit to this iconic Educational institution in Angeles City as our last destination in exploring Pampanga, is truly speaks of the whole of what is Pampanga then and now, they have the museum that I would say have the good of the best collections from retablo to art pieces.
The Manansala Gallery

They also house a gallery dedicated to Vicente Manansala, a National Artist for visual arts and a son of Macabebe. The tribute showcases his undying passion for arts, his sketches, paintings and personal things.  They also have library that has the wide collection of all Pampanga’s records from birth to death documents, and all the studies that involve Pampanga and its people.
"Lumod Art" inside Pinatubo Museum
The last leg of the visit in this very inspiring University is the Pinatubo Museum, wherein they have documented and collect pieces of the remnants of the most tragic disaster that hit Pampanga, the Mt.Pinatubo eruption in 1991,  that result to flood of lahars that almost erase the whole province of Pampanga in the map of the Philippines. What good about in this museum is not the scientific exhibit or explanation of the eruption, but the video docus they are showing how Pampanga rise from that tragedy, and the lesson of its resilient to the world.

The Juan Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan Studies at Holy Angel University is open for visit and tour, but you have to give them a call for appointment even on weekend. Call them at (045)888-8691 or send them email at or visit .

Toll House.
And we’ve reach the last rendevouz of the this awesome tour, and to capped all of it is another to die for food greatness. This time at Toll House where baked mac is a treasure and a must for all visitors, and its true that it is one of the best tasting baked Macaroni i’ve taste so far.

Toll House is located in Sto.Rosario st in Angeles City.

Bloggers Tour.
Included in the tour is our great tour guide Richard Burgos,that makes the tour more memorable and fun inside the bus. Burgos is a known and celebrated Heritage Tour guide and currently employed at Department of Science and Technology. His knowledge from Philippine history, to geography, to even small trivias is such a delight to hear.

Northpine Land initiative to re-introduce to us what is Pampanga then and now is a success indeed, I’ve been to Pampanga many times but this route is truly a memorable one. To get to know more about Montana Views watch the video below of our interview with Jurie Roa, the resident Head Sales Network Manager of Northpine Land in the north or check and give them a call at +632-637-1531. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Festival of Cuyonons now on its 9th Year.

Cuyonon Baragatan Members with Rodrigo Franco.
The annual reunion and celebration of Cuyonons from Metro Manila and other parts of the world, once again takes place at Club Filipino last August 14, 2016 for Cuyonon Baragatan, with around 300 in attendance mostly retirees and old professionals who hail from the town of Cuyo, Palawan.

On its 9th year, the Cuyonon Stand Up Comedienne Robert Eleazar aka Amor Powers is among this year’s performer that shared laughter to the audiences, as he orchestrated some games on stage. He share the stage with fellow comedian Junrey Gualvez.
Tudong-Cuyonon Rap Group.
Fr.Alex Abia from Puerto Princesa City opens the celebrations thru a holy mass, and he did surprise the crowd when he performs some Cuyonon songs thru rap, he was join by Tudong-Cuyonon Rap Group.

But the man of the hour is Rodrigo Franco, this year’s inspirational speaker, he express his admiration to Cuyonon Baragatan, on his speech he said that this kind of group are the one’s needed for nation building, he also share some stories in growing up in the island of Cuyo. Franco is the President or CEO of Metro Pacific Tollways Corp that maintain and manage NLEX, a popular expressway in the northern part of Metro Manila. Prior to that Franco is the former Vice President of JP Morgan Chase Bank. His mother is a pure Cuyonin name Magdalena Lagrosa-Emmanuel.
Comedian Host Junrey and Robert Eleazar.
The biggest surprise to this year’s festival is the attendance of Gretchen Abaniel, the latest Boxing champion who hails from Palawan with Cuyonon blood. Abaniel is a WIBA and WIBF Lady Boxing Champion and now in training to defend her title come October in Australia.
Boxing Champ Gretchen Abaniel with Bugtitinay and EFES Beer.
Current and former Palawan leaders are also in attendance like Amor Abueg, Baham Mitra and Gil Acosta. Nonoy Lanzanas and his Sinika also return this year in performing old Cuyonon songs. Jojo Menorca and his wife is this year’s winner in Best in Western Attire.

 Rossana Pediapco is this year”s over all chairwomen of the celebration, and to the next year event. 2017 is already scheduled on August 20 still in Club Filipino. EFES, the No.1 Turkish Beer supported this year’s celebration. The party ends with community dancing.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

PHITEX 2016, expanding the Philippine travel industry to a bigger business.

The session hall of buyers and sellers for PHILTEX 2016.
The most important Travel event in the Philippines create more noise this year, as they gear up with the theme Bigger Business for the Philippine Travel Exchange 2016 or PHITEX last Sept 5 and 6, at the Marriott Hotel in Pasay City.

Headed by the Tourism Promotion Board (TPB), this year’s gathering is a breakthrough in many forms like the days of the event from one day to almost two day sessions, this is to give way for many business to come close in reality of achieving its target market. PHITEX in the past usually have 48 sessions, but with its expansion they now have 40 sessions for buyers that usually are travel agents from abroad, and its sellers that come from different Tourism establishment in the country.

PHITEX 2016 have a total of 201 buyers coming from 35 different countries out of 132 companies mostly are Tour Operators, with majority from China, South Korea and Japan. New buyers this year are from Morocco, Hungary, and South Africa. Sellers are total with 198 ranging from different Hotels, Resorts, and other Tourist related companies.
TPB OIC for Domestic Promotion Department Susana Del Mundo and TPB Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Marketing and Promotions Maricon Ebron.
The said event started in 1989, it is also held before in Cebu with educational seminars that aims to update Tourism Industry players with current trends in the market. The number of this year’s participants signify that social media still not affecting this kind of transacting business, wherein anybody now a days can always go to the internet and message those who you want to deal with.

We are very active in social media, we fairly covered whatever engines, but you cannot eliminate the face to face transactions that still the No. 1 thing, people still want to discuss face to face, maybe because it’s one way to check the sincerity of the buyers to the sellers, their relationships are being perfected on one on one appointment scheduling.” Explain by Maricon Ebron, TPB Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Marketing and Promotions.

Aside from closing deals, PHITEX also comes with tours right after the event, among featured tours are Southern Luzon that covered Tagaytay, Batangas, second tours are in Bicol Region covering Legazpi, Sorsogon and Misibis Bay. Third option is the Ilocos Region particularly Laoag and Vigan. Next is Cebu-Bohol, and Davao.
According to Susana Del Mundo, Officer In Charge for Domestic Promotion Department of TPB, Cebu-Bohol is the top most buy destinations in PHITEX in the past, probably the two Province has all the facilities that was needed, next in line is Palawan, it’s still the best and really request by buyers. Ilocos regions comes in third place for Cultural heritage tours, and then Bicol and Southern Luzon.

Del Mundo clarify that Boracay is still on the top of this all chosen destination, they are not pushing it since it is the most requested and it is given already.
DOT Secretary Wanda Corazon Teo.
The first day of PHITEX is close via formal dinner with Department of Tourism Sec. Wanda Corazon Teo as guest speaker. Filipino foods, snacks and worldclass local acts like Baihana, Ballerinas Candice and Carissa Adea perform to entertain the participants, with a theme of Merry Christmas, as everybody knows Pinoys celebrate Christmas longer starting at the day one of September. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Tripkada, now a travel app.

AFTER Barely three years in booking travel online, Tripkada got one notch higher this time by introducing a mobile app for weekend travel seekers. This was launch recently in a party mode ambiance event with FilipTrip Travel meet up at Boteco Brasil in Makati City.

April Cuenca, CEO of Tripkada told us that they were inspired by a certain Facebook group who are open for posting organized travels mostly in weekend, and from that the idea of having a mobile app is born to make it more organized and formal at the same time. Anybody can post a tour package on the apps, and instantly meet fellow travelers who also looking to go out of town but don’t have companion.

There is a minimal fee as low as of P100 and coordination is easier plus security to the joiners is guaranteed, in terms of credibility of those organizers who post the said tours, this is a fact that Tripkada is a community of Travelers.

The said Apps is free, and Cuenca made assure to us that it pass certain stage to make it perfect and mobile friendly.  Available in Google Play, all you have to do is download the Apps and get automatic updates for available tours, that you may be looking or wishing to do for the weekend.
Tripkada is on beta release as of now in Google Play for Android users, and soon on the App store for iOS users. You may check or or contact them at