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Pampanga, a re-introduction Tour by Northpine Land.

The parish church of St.James the Apostle or aka Betis Church of Pampanga.
Pampanga, the country’s culinary capital where Sisig and Buko Pandan originates, is now a haven for this new modern subdivision called Montana Views by Northpine Land Inc. Choosing to live in Pampanga has many reasons to consider, that’s why Northpine take us to a tour of Pampanga, the largest province in Central Luzon that offers history and resilient stories.
Montana Views.
Our first hello is at the maiden property of Northpine, which is the Montana Views located in between San Fernando and Mexico, Pampanga.  It’s a housing and lifestyle community that own by multinational companies like Hongkong Land, BDO, Metrobank and San Miguel Properties.

Montana Views is 25hectares property and 8 hectares of land is allocated for amenities alone, it is non flooded area as tasted by the past typhoon who visit Central Luzon in the past years. To know more about Montana Views, pls check below our interview with Jurie Roa, the Marketing Officer of the said properties.
Bethis Crafts Inc.
Next stop we have is the world class furniture maker in Guagua, who made noise by making the throne chair of Miss Universe Sushmita Sen in 1994 when it was held here in Manila. This 44 year old craftsmanship is run by the passionate couple Jose and and Myrna Bituin. The compound also house their showroom that mostly show finest and quality furnitures that they export abroad, most of them are made to order for hotels and royal palaces.
The visits to Betis Crafts is truly an inspirations to witness, the passion and the people they are helping in the community is such a legacy. Their furniture’s of carved woods, to traditional and contemporary art designs, mirrors, even sculptures are really magnificent and a pride of our land.
Bethis Crafts is now aiming to make the chair or the throne for Miss Universe 2016 which is to be held again here in the Philippines. For visits you may send them an email at or call them at (63-45)900-0309.
San Guillermo Parish Church.
We only had a very quick tour of this 100 hundred year old Church of Bacolor, this town parish become popular after being seen on TV as the location of the hit religious serye “May Bukas Pa” of ABS-CBN that billed Zijan Jaranilla as Santino.

Prior to that it was one of the memorable photos of Lahar tragedy that was seen as half buried in 1991.
Inside Betis Church.
St. James the Apostle Parish Church.
I am so overwhelmed by this Baroque design Church that was built around in 1660, it is also called as Betis Church which is the name of the place in Guagua. It’s magnificent ceiling like the one in Sistine Chapel in Vatican is a delight on the eyes specially if you are a Catholic.

From the dome to the pulpit up to the view of the main altar is a classic journey in time, the retablo on the main altar will leave you breathless due to its design and decorations. Due to time constraints we were not able to visit the museum of the church, but I heard it’s also a must to see art pieces that mold the town and its people.
Atcheng Lilian’s Kitchen.
Pampanga tour is not complete without the gastronomic tour, being the culinary capital it is given to have a taste of their specialty. Good thing Northpine bring us for lunch at the residential house of Pampanga’s icon in culinary, Atcheng Lilian Borromeo in house resto is one of the best experience we had for this trip.

Atcheng Lilian is notable for his organic and original recipes, but the best for me is her Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew) version that really make me almost forgot my name, its flavor from unique blend of vinegar captivates my senses, and it’s a unique one I’ve seen because the blood is not mix with the stew.

She already publish many books about foods and tips in cooking, she even had a local TV show and was featured in many programs as the icons of Pampanga for food, and she is a devotee of San Nicolas, the patron saint who is known in giving biscuits, Atcheng one devotion is creating and selling biscuits that most local consider it sacred once it was bless with holy water of course by a Catholic Priest.

Atcheng house in Mexico is not usually open to public, if you want to taste his culinary prowess you should do arrange it early so she can prepare well, She can be reach via landline at (045)9660211 or thru mobile at 09157730750.
Northpine Land Satellite Office.
We had a very short stop at Northpine Land Office along Macarthur Highway covering the downtown of San Fernando. The said office is crucial to Northpine where they close all the transactions and deals for the buying of properties.
During the stop , we are given a precious dessert that sells like hotcake in Mt.Arayat, it’s the flavorful and not to sweet Kabigting Halo-Halo. The milk used for this local ice shakin snack is from Cow’s milk, and it taste so good and refreshing.
Pamintuan Museum.
I so love this next visit we had at Pamintuan Museum that mostly features lifestyle instead of traditional artifacts that can be seen in heritage places. Yet Pamintuan Mansion is a witness and a venue to many historical events in Angeles City, but the gallery inside are delight to see since it focus on how the living is like before, like the arrangement of bed, sofa and of course the dresses during Spanish colonization.  Even Filipino Myths and games are also featured in one of its gallery.
Old ornaments of pre-hispanic clothing of Filipinos.
We are also able to climb the highest peak of the mansion passing tru secret stairs, this Mansion serve as the headquarters of Gen. Antonio Luna in 1899, became the so called Malacanang of the country in the same year. It is also the headquarters of Gen. Douglas MacArthur and one of the station for Japanese Kamikaze pilots during the World War II.

Pamintuan Museum is now being managed and maintain by National Historical Commission, and they are open Tuesday to Sunday at 8am to 4pm with no entrance fee. You can call them for scheduled visits at (045)304-4042 or tru mobile 09175538107.
Holy Angel University
Northpine knows how to save the best for last, the visit to this iconic Educational institution in Angeles City as our last destination in exploring Pampanga, is truly speaks of the whole of what is Pampanga then and now, they have the museum that I would say have the good of the best collections from retablo to art pieces.
The Manansala Gallery

They also house a gallery dedicated to Vicente Manansala, a National Artist for visual arts and a son of Macabebe. The tribute showcases his undying passion for arts, his sketches, paintings and personal things.  They also have library that has the wide collection of all Pampanga’s records from birth to death documents, and all the studies that involve Pampanga and its people.
"Lumod Art" inside Pinatubo Museum
The last leg of the visit in this very inspiring University is the Pinatubo Museum, wherein they have documented and collect pieces of the remnants of the most tragic disaster that hit Pampanga, the Mt.Pinatubo eruption in 1991,  that result to flood of lahars that almost erase the whole province of Pampanga in the map of the Philippines. What good about in this museum is not the scientific exhibit or explanation of the eruption, but the video docus they are showing how Pampanga rise from that tragedy, and the lesson of its resilient to the world.

The Juan Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan Studies at Holy Angel University is open for visit and tour, but you have to give them a call for appointment even on weekend. Call them at (045)888-8691 or send them email at or visit .

Toll House.
And we’ve reach the last rendevouz of the this awesome tour, and to capped all of it is another to die for food greatness. This time at Toll House where baked mac is a treasure and a must for all visitors, and its true that it is one of the best tasting baked Macaroni i’ve taste so far.

Toll House is located in Sto.Rosario st in Angeles City.

Bloggers Tour.
Included in the tour is our great tour guide Richard Burgos,that makes the tour more memorable and fun inside the bus. Burgos is a known and celebrated Heritage Tour guide and currently employed at Department of Science and Technology. His knowledge from Philippine history, to geography, to even small trivias is such a delight to hear.

Northpine Land initiative to re-introduce to us what is Pampanga then and now is a success indeed, I’ve been to Pampanga many times but this route is truly a memorable one. To get to know more about Montana Views watch the video below of our interview with Jurie Roa, the resident Head Sales Network Manager of Northpine Land in the north or check and give them a call at +632-637-1531. 


Ashley Erickson said…
Looks like a beautiful neighborhood with lots to do!
Evo Contrivida said…
it is beautiful community as well, Thanks Ashley.

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