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Repeater wins Mrs. Globe Philippines 2016.

Like our reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, this year’s crown Queen for Mrs. Globe Philippines is a repeater, 36 year old Fritzie Lexdy Noche a Dentist from Batangas join the pageant twice before hitting it this year, in a coronation ceremony held at Samsung Hall of SM Aura last Oct 23, 2016. Noche bested other 16 married and single mom that aims to be empowered and be the best versions of themselves. Noche is a former President of Philippine Dental Association-Batangas Chapter. 

With a theme of dances, this year’s pageant also feature Mrs.Globe 2013 Sheryl Lynn Baas from Holland as a Dj during the swimwear competition. Carla Cabrera-Quimpo, MGP Managing Director announce that she is happy with last year’s ranking of Philippines in the Top 15, she also announce the inclusion of Mrs.Globe Philippines-Classic ages 46 to 55, the representative will compete June of 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada in USA.
Mrs. Philippines-Globe is presented by Samsung Hall, Lucky Rainbow Makati, SM Tickets, Solane, Sony Boy Mindo, Jojo Bragais, Arnell Papa, Eimee Cragun, Working Mom and Bio-Oil. The pageant is organized by EVI Marketing Communications. Roster of judges includes Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 1985 Joyce Ann Burton.

Here are the complete set of all the winners and special awards.
Darling of the Press- Nova Christine Dela Cruz, Dermatologist, Pasig City
Personality of the Year- Angelica Marie Catangay, Online Advertiser, Antipolo City
Career Woman of the Year- Fritzie Lexdy Noche, Dentist, Batangas
Best In Talent – Annalyn Marie Gayatin, Beauty Consultant from Bacolod City
Most Beautiful Face- Timikko Santos, Quality Assurance Engineer, Rizal
Supermodel Mom of the Year- Fritzie Lexdy Noche, Dentist, Bacolod City
Mrs. Body Beautiful – Darlene Conde, Muntinlupa
Most Elegant Women – Michelle Boyero, Banker, Bacolod City
Women of Charity – Darlene Conde, Muntinlupa
Lifestory Award- Niezel Cayangan, Photographer, Muntinlupa City
Entrepreneur of the year- Maria Theresa Uhlmann, Bacolod City
Achievement of the year- Maria Giselle Lyn Barrion, HR Consultant, Quezon City
Husband of the Year- Gian Carlo Boyero
Woman of the Year- Pinky Siva, Woman of Substance 2012
Solane Mother of the Year- Annalyn Marie Gayatin, Beauty Consultant, Bacolod City
Mrs.Globe Philippines 2015 Sherry Lou Villasenyor
Top 9 Finalist
-Madonna Caguio Naval, Wedding Singer, Isabela
-Annalyn Marie Gayatin, Beauty Consultant, Bacolod City
-Niezel Cayangan, Photographer, Muntinlupa City
-Maria Giselle Lyn Barrion, HR Consultant, Quezon City
-Nova Christine Dela Cruz, Dermatologist, Pasig City
-Fritzie Lexdy Noche, Dentist, Batangas
-Marjorie McMurchie, Make Up Artist, Mandaluyong City
-Timikko Santos, QA Engineer, Rizal
-Michelle Boyero, Banker, Bacolod City
Third Runner Up - Nova Christine Dela Cruz, Dermatologist, Pasig City
Second Runner Up- Niezel Cayangan, Photographer, Muntinlupa City
First Runner Up- Michelle Boyero, Banker, Bacolod City
Woman of Substance - Timikko Santos, QA Engineer, Rizal
Mrs. Globe Classic - Annalyn Marie Gayatin, Beauty Consultant, Bacolod City Mrs. Globe Philippines- Fritzie Lexdy Noche, Dentist, Batangas

Noche, who won PhP150,000 worth of prizes, will represent the Philippines in Mrs. Globe World Finals in Hainan, China in December 2016.


Constantine said…
There's something immediately dignified about this venue - it is beautifully designed, tasteful, and understated. Went to these comfy Los Angeles venues recently, just the right temperature, good food and great experience.

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