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OPPO Philippines releases OPPO F11 Pro

No more darker moments, that’s the mission and goal of the new and latest OPPO F11 Pro, that offers a lot of innovations in mobile photography, from being a selfie expert they tag their latest model product as Brilliant Photography. The grand launch was made official via a star studded event last March 27, 2019 at the World Trade Center along with the introduction of their 7 ambassadors that reveal their darkest moments and later on enlighten thru the wonders of lights, these ambassadors are young actress Julia Barreto, Photographer Magic Liwanag, Blogger Lauren Uy, First Lady MC of the Philippines Marga Bermudez, Fashion Designer Rosenthal Lee, Surfer Luke Landrigan, Celebrity Issa Pressman. “All our ambassadors take portrait in low lights, so clear, so brilliant, low lights metaphors dark moments in our lives, I believe we been to the dark moments, our endorsers want to tell us that moments can motivate us to get stronger and we can turn on and be brave in portraits, the darker the…

Classic Batch 81 comes alive in theater via Alpha Kappa Omega

One of Philippines greatest film ever made is Batch 81 by Director Mike De Leon starring Mark Gil as Sid Lucero, the iconic character of Gil is now another name in showbiz thru his son who choose that screen name, we all know this movie made impact as it premiered in Cannes Film Festival as Director’s Fortnight in 1982.
Fast forward today in 2019, Batch 81 made a debut in Rizal Mini Theater inside Ateneo De Manila Loyola Campus as Alpha Kappa Omega, the stage adaptation by Tanghalang Ateneo under the Direction of Guelan Varela-Luarca, it open last March 20. Same story with the movie, but it was set in the present where social media and technology rules along with pressing issues of the country, it all tell a story of 6 neophytes who want to join a fraternity, their hardships and survival in grueling initiation process until they became one of the masters as they called their senior brothers. The play during its opening showcase a lot of movements, doing scenes one after another and t…

Reuniting a broken family in Father’s Day

Repertory Philippines latest offering for its 82nd season, the Father’s Day by Eric Chappel is one big surprise in terms of humor, a very light and entertaining play that revolves in one broken family that will be assemble again after reuniting and confronting all the issues, and God forbid those reasons are all hilarious.  Repertory Artistic Joy Virata explain that this closing show for the season is a must see, upon reading the script for Father’s Day the admit laughing at it wholeheartedly.

“We just had a historical play now we have a comedy, next time we will have a very intellectual but really entertaining play, will give you a whole range of theater, and now it’s time to laugh light, life comedy hope you enjoy.” Virata said.   This British play focus on the story of Willows Family, Miguel Faustmann play Henry the father that lives independently for sometimes, until his son Matthew and his girlfriend Christine show up and the ghost of the past came back again, a lot of explainin…

Popstar Royalty Sarah G finds cooking companion with Phoenix Super LPG

The most in-demand endorser in the Philippines, the Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo reveal her latest affection, that is cooking with her new companion, the newly launch Phoenix Super LPG that offers three main features, safe, sigurado and simple due to German-made SRG regulator with an inlet safety valve that has reserve indicator and snap-on mechanism.
Geronimo admit during its official launch last March 21, 2019 at The Tent in Acacia Estates in Taguig City, that she find joy now a days in cooking food for her family.
“Hindi dahil babae ako, very important na matuto tayo magluto kasi isa syang survival skills for every adult to know.” Geronimo said.
Her happiness in cooking is ignite more due to a fact that she found a new partner, which is the new Phoenix Super LPG that made her more passionate in cooking, and enjoyable most of all.
“I’m still in the process of learning and discovering how to cook, napaka importante po sa akin na alam ko na maayos at quality ang ginagamit kong …

What is happiness for Pinoy’s? The winner for the Happiest Pinoy soon to be reveal

Cebuana Lhuillier, the leading and largest microfinancial services in the Philippines recently commemorate the International Day of Happiness last March 20, 2019 at the Happy Garden Café in Makati City, it was billed as Laugthernoon with the worldwide theme of Happier One, Happier Together.
First to talk is Cebuana Lhuillier Happiest Pinoy 2010 first grand winner Winston Maxino, he is a Corporate Executive who was diagnosed with incurable bone disease (Ankylosing Spondylitis). In his talk Maxino discuss how his life changed after bagging the title, but his important message lies on the perspective of what is happiness now a days, many Filipinos of today is having a lot things to discuss when ask what is and where is happiness, for a person like him living with agony of his sickness and his survival, his goal now is to share it to many people about happiness, who like him turning negative to positive. “Happiness is like a boomerang, because when you send happiness out it comes back to…

The Essential Oils of doTERRA, now in the Philippines

The world’s largest essential oil company is now here in the Philippines, in the coming days it will be the newest imported products in the country that promotes wellness and life enhancing benefits coming from essential oils, this is doTERRA, a US based company that aims to bring a new standard of therapeutic grade essential oils to the world. doTERRA Philippines recently have a soft introduction of their product at Belleza Spa Salon in Manila last March 16, 2019, they let us experience Aromatouch Technique using their powerful tools, their essential oils use in new method in doing massage, with just drop of peppermint oil at your back, a minimal caress, light hand stroking up and down, sideward and under, the said oil easily spread providing a good relaxation, most of its model that time fell asleep in a minute or so, making it sound effective due to the fact that it is not a traditional massage pattern we all know.
Essential Oils are natural aromatic compounds extracted from seeds…

A fun experience from ground up in this year’s Hot Air Balloon Festival

One of Philippines most colorful festival in the air is back, the venue for giant balloons in the sky once again ignite our senses this coming summer in a new grounds with new team handling the festivity complete with activities from sunrise up to moon rise above.
The Frontrow International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2019 is hosted for the first time by Clark Global City, together with SM City Clark, powered by Phoenix Pulse Technology along with Dickies and Clark Medical City is scheduled starting April 12 up to 14.
Wilfredo Placino, Vice Chairman and President of Global Gateway Development Corporation explain that they take over in this year’s festival after the main organizers aim to not pursue it this year, it was usually scheduled every February or March of the year, but this time summer is its new dates to mark on the calendars.
“The Hot Air Balloon festival all started after the Mt. Pinatubo eruption incidents, the local Kapampangan around Clark want to have some activities o…

Corregidor open doors for adventure.

With the aggressive market for adventure seekers, the historical and war memorial island of Corregidors is opening their another side to its visitors, this is the adventure trail as part of 584 hectares of island that usually skip by many due to their time limitations or visit purpose in this Cavite territory place.   Announce during a Bloggers Tour last March 9 and 10, Sun Cruises, the sole tour operator of Corregidor Island aims to attract more of millennials and adventurist crowd to showcase sites that usual guests didn’t get to see, this attractions are not new but in terms of having new activities and go to see sites, they recommend the following as come on for those who visit Corregidor in the past, and aims to go back and explore hidden gems of this tadpole shape island.
The Night Lateral Tour For overnight staying guest, this is so far the most exciting excursions you could do inside Malinta tunnel, this is after you witness the lights and sounds show during afternoon tour. Ni…