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Corregidor open doors for adventure.

With the aggressive market for adventure seekers, the historical and war memorial island of Corregidors is opening their another side to its visitors, this is the adventure trail as part of 584 hectares of island that usually skip by many due to their time limitations or visit purpose in this Cavite territory place. 
 Announce during a Bloggers Tour last March 9 and 10, Sun Cruises, the sole tour operator of Corregidor Island aims to attract more of millennials and adventurist crowd to showcase sites that usual guests didn’t get to see, this attractions are not new but in terms of having new activities and go to see sites, they recommend the following as come on for those who visit Corregidor in the past, and aims to go back and explore hidden gems of this tadpole shape island.
Malinta Tunnel
The Night Lateral Tour
For overnight staying guest, this is so far the most exciting excursions you could do inside Malinta tunnel, this is after you witness the lights and sounds show during afternoon tour. Night Lateral tour takes place after sunset, it is exciting in a way after hearing historical facts from tour guides, your interest level went up to see more of those dark passages.

In the night tour you will explore more of tunnels in the deepest darkest possible, power with flashlights and helmets, facts and datas from guides are non-stop enough for you to imagine what is life inside it way back time immemorial, highlights of it are the secret way Gen. Douglas Macarthur used before he fled to Australia, the temporary hospital at the time of bombing, the air passage from the outside will make you cringe due to its coldness, President Manuel Quezon chamber in one of laterals, and some unearthed portion of laterals that even your guides cannot explain what’s underneath it.

Amidst it’s gloomy darken episode, there will always fun in every curves and turn, our group is lucky to have Mr. Ed Gorion as our guide, his antics in directing you in every lateral is a fun mix with handful of information overload. 

My tips for you here is to wear a very light outfit, expect sweat and heat inside laterals which is part of adventure, no need to worry if you will fit in in those passages, its American built tunnel so expect a huge opening in most areas, by the way bullfrogs are notable tenants in some laterals. 
Sunrise View in Corregidor Island
Sunset to Sunrise chasing
We all know how beautiful sunset in Manila bay, Corregidor is part of that and sunset viewing is best to this island, a viewing deck is set in Battery Grubbs wherein you can have the full view of the sun bidding goodbye for a day, a tip here is don’t blink your eyes during the last golden hours where the colors of the sky change seconds per seconds.

Wake up early the next day is awesome to catch the new day thru sunrise chasing, this time the view is more breathtaking at the end part of Eternal flame, this part is the best area to see the end tail of the island.
Entrance to Japanese Tunnel
Going up from Japanese Tunnel
Japanese Tunnel
Besides sunrise viewing area is the short trail going to the Japanese Tunnel, this part is a good way to start your day, hiking a little bit and passing to some old ruins is amazing, nearest to this is the Senior Officers house where the Balete tree invade the old ruins.
Ruins with Balete invasion at Senior Officers House
The Japanese tunnel has a small opening, you have to duck walk a little in order to fit in, a part of going up is where the adventure begins, you have to hold on tight to the ropes in order to complete the journey, last part is the ladder with human size fit opening, it’s just a short way up but it’s worthwhile.
South Beach Area. (Special Thanks to Dermcare Sunscreen Lotion)
Swimming Area
Many impressions for Corregidor is just a historical sites, but hey look for more and they have a good spot for swimming area right at the South Beach, which is a good walk away from Corregidor Inn. Even though it’s not a perfect white sand, the Stoney start leading to good swimmable part is fun while you try to beat the heat of the sun.

Just a note, if you swim in the morning up to noon, just ready yourself because the salt water is extremely cold at those time, kayaking is also offer in this area.

Other Adventures
Sun Cruises also encourage and pushing for Bike and Walking tours, it’s a healthy lifestyle for traveler and Corregidor is the perfect spot to do this, they have roads and trails so it will be easy to navigate the whole island, it’s an add on and a separate fees for those who want to avail, a special skilled guide will be assign to manage the ins and going around the sites.

Take note that as for now, Corregidor don’t have bike units for rentals, you need to bring in your bikes so it will be best for you since you know best in riding your own bikes. Bike tour and walk tour has a minimum of 5 persons. Walking tour rates start at P2, 100 and P2, 500 for bike tour.

Camping is also offered especially for big tour packages, they have hostel that can accommodate almost a 60 pax and the Hotel that can house 60 pax, they also have game areas to do held sports fest or adventure race. Children ages 3 to 11 are free of charge in entrance and in ferry.
Corregidor Inn
The Plan for Corregidor
The island is manage by Corregidor Foundation where members are from Department of National Defense, Tourism Infrastructure Economic Zone Authority and others while Sun Cruises from Magsaysay group of companies is the only supplier for tour and manage the Corregidor Inn, annually they are targeting 57,000 tourist both domestic and international.

TIEZA already prepared a master plan for the future of this glorious valor venue, for the Sun Cruises they are developing the soon to open swimming pool as added amenities they can offer to their guest, their La Playa Restaurant offers best tasting Filipino foods that is so yummy and perfect for hungry stomach after a full day of exploration around the island, it is buffet most of the time.
War Memorial Museum
Janet Borlangadan, General Manager of Sun Cruises told us that for past 30 years they been in Corregidor, they assure the public that they are doing a good business especially now a days that Manila Bay is undergoing rehabilitation, they are not contributing any harm to its seas and to the environment, their sewerage treatment facilities are in good condition along with their waste segregation program, as well as their ferries which is strictly monitored and evaluated by numerous government agencies.

“We are in conformant to all government mandated regulations, I’m banking on the fact that we belong to Magsaysay group of companies we wouldn’t trade our reputations like 70 years in the industry that we are not complying, even yung mga boats namin in compliance yan sa DENR regulations, how we throw away our garbage na hindi kami sa dagat nagtatapon, ang permits namin all are updated, and then we welcome yung mga Government agency to do spot checking, I’m proud to say that for the past 30 years or so we haven’t had any issues.” Borlangadan said.

One weakness the island has is the supply of water, they have good potable water system enough to maintain the needs of their staff and guest, this are the main reason why until now they haven’t put up any backyard or organic garden that can help in their food supply, if time comes for the TIEZA Masterplan to be implemented, this is one thing she assure that they will do since its their dream to put up green houses for herbs and vegetables.  
Ms. Janet Borlangadan, Mr. Ed Gorion and Precy Mendoza of Sun Cruises
This past years, most of the tourist they have aside from Filipinos, are Americans, Japanese and Chinese, they have huge arrival also for Indonesians, and European tourist courtesy of shore excursions via Cruise Ship Liners that visits Manila. Field trip by schools is still one loyal market they have for Corregidor.

Loyalty program will soon be launch according to Ms. Janet, this will give advantage for returning guests of Corregidor.

“Main product of Sun cruises is the Corregidor, aside from business etu eh advocacy na rin ng company to preserve Corregidor that a younger generations should not forget about the heroic deeds of our forefathers, mga veterans.” Janet added in closing.
Sun Cruises
The rates
Sun Cruises number best-selling package is a day tour, rate start at P3,358 for weekdays and P3,629 for weekends, inclusion of this are round trip ferry, buffet lunch and tour via Tranvia. Overnight package rate is at P7, 500 for two person that comes with ferry round trip ticket and full board meals, add ons are P650 per persons for outdoor activities like the Night Lateral tours.

“If you do overnight it’s a total package because you have the tour, you can do activities, you can do night swimming.” Gorion said who happen to be the Resident Manager as well of Corregidor Inn.

Sun Cruises leaves daily at 7 am in Esplanade Seaside Terminal, Seaside Boulevard, SM MOA Complex in Pasay City. ETA in Corregidor is 9 am and the start of guided tour, Fery depart from Corregidor is at 2:30pm and 4pm ETD in Seaside terminal.

For inquiries and bookings you may contact Tel Nos. (+632.834.6857) or follow and check Sun Cruises at Facebook, email at or check .


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