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CCP brace for 50th Year Anniversary this 2019.

It’s been 5 decades already, this 2019 the Cultural Center of the Philippines is now celebrating its 50th anniversary with a yearlong fiesta showcasing excellence in the arts, as a sign of renewal of its commitments to the next generations of Filipino artists and its audiences.
The golden year celebration will start in September this 2019 and will end September of the next year 2020, loaded with monthly and weekly events highlighting many cultural and arts exhibitions and performances, plus meeting and gathering of respected Art leaders not only from Philippines, but throughout the whole region of Asia and the rest of the world.
CCP Artistic Director Chris Millado

“50 years anniversary is brainstorm and put together, not only this year but we started dreaming about this as far as 2 years ago, and this is made possible by a whole army of programmers and managers. I must say that this special activities are base on specific strategies that CCP wants to adopt, not only for its 50th year, but for a longer term.” Chris Millado, CCP Vice President and Artistic Director said during its press conference last June 20 at the main lobby of CCP.

Former CCP President Baltazar Endriga discuss how CCP started, its not only the Former Mrs.Imelda Marcos behind the idea of establishing CCP, numerous names were announce by Endriga. 
Some major highlights of the 50th year celebrations includes the installation of the historical marker declaring CCP Main building as heritage structure, the unveiling of Ginintuang Sining: Katotohanan, Kabutihan, Kagandagan sound and light installation at the CCP front façade by artist Toym Imao and lantern makers from Pampanga.
Former CCP President Nestor Jardin talk about finding the Time capsule before CCP was built, unfortunately no one knows where it was buried. 
The much awaited CCP Black Box Theater or the Tanghalang Ignacio Gimenez will be open to the public too come November this year. A Digital Time Capsule will be launch as well containing photos and videos contribute by the public. CCP will also host conferences for Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centres, Federation of Asia Cultural Promoters, and the Manila International Performing Arts Marketx CREATEPH along with Department of Trade and Industry.

There is around 50 shows and screening with a fee of P50, and 50 shows for free to public is also scheduled for this year round Fiesta celebrations. Anniversary publications is also in store for the 50th year of CCP

Here are the complete calendar of activities for the 50th year Anniversary of CCP.

8                            Installation of Historical marker declaring CCP Main Building as Heritage  
8                            Launch of CCP Historical Timeline
17-18                    ACOPEI Conference
19                          Ginintuang Sining: Katotohanan, Kabutihan, Kagandahan-Sound of Light         
                              Installation and live Performance at the CCP front façade and ramp
19-22                    Manila Performing Arts Summit
19-20                    Convention of the Federation of Asia Cultural Promoters (FACP)
19-21                    Manila International Performing Arts Market (MIPAM) x CREATEPH
20-22                    Conference of the Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Center (AAPPAC)
20                          CCP Anniversary Fundraising Dinner and Formal Gala
21                          People’s Gala
25                          Launch of DIY CCP Tour
25                          Imagine Nation: Summit on Arts Education

15                       Soft Launch of 2IAM: The 21st Century Arts Museum

TBD                      Launch of the Tanghalang Ignacio Jimenez (New Blackbox Theater)
9-10                       Singing the Cinema: Mga Awit ng Pinilakang Tabing (Concert to celebrate the    
                              Centennial of Philippine Cinema)
18-22                     Kutitap: Children’s Workshop turns 10 in General Santos City
 20-23                    Extra-VLF launches in Cagayan De Oro City
                              Launch of the Tanghalang Ignacio Jimenez (CCP Black Box)

TBD                       CCP Homecoming Christmas party
16-24                      Simbang Gabi (Dawn Masses) at the Front Ramp

Toym Imao discuss about his inspiration for the sound and light installation that he create along with Pampanga lantern makers. 
26                          Ternocon II
30-Feb 1               Opera: Donizetti’s Lucia Di Lamermoor

7-9                          Pasinaya 16: The Festival Street Dance Edition
9                              Launch of CCP Commemorative Stamp

5                              Gawad CCP Para sa Sining
                                Launch of Encyclopedia of Philippine Arts Digital Table
17-22                     Ang Huling Filipino: Mabini

Kaisa Sa Sining Conference
Musikal! A Celebration of Original Philippine Musicals

Grand Launch of 2IAM, Twenty First Century Museum
Social Media and Arts Festival
2, 9 and 16          Symphonic Sunsets At Makiling, Ft. 3 weekends of Orchestra music

Virgin Labfest 16
Launch of the CCP Outreach Commemorative Book

If These Walls Could Speak: Oral History of CCP
17-19                     Bayan-Bayanan, The Musical Directed by Anton Juan

7-16                       Cinemalaya 16
25-30                     International University Theater Festival and Conference

8                              Arts and Technology Festival at the CCP
                                Block party to cap CCP’s 50th Anniversary celebration
                                Launch of the Digital Time Capsule
                                Launch of Genesis Anniversary Edition
10-11                     CCP Gala
CCP Grand Homecoming of Artists and Managers
The CCP Administration and its team behind the 50th Anniversary celebration

“What we want to do is leverage the celebrations of the 50th year, focus on certain strategic locations, specifically planning of activities that will celebrate CCP and push it forward in terms of its platform for exemplifying excellent in the arts, as a strategy for partnering leadership in the arts.” Millado said in closing.


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