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Creative mind gathers for the 4th B+Abble: A Series of Talks on Contemporary Philippine Arts and Design

Four exciting personalities take the center stage of PETA Theater last June 22, 2019, for the fourth year of B+Abble organize by Buensalido Architects, the whole afternoon of talks is focus on contemporary Philippine Arts and Designs.

"B+Abble started as a internal program, where various speakers sometimes among us, sometimes guest speakers would talk about various topic, then it became a platform for idea sharing and dialogue that led to culture of learning. We then want to share this privilege of learning to more people, so that they can inspire to cause positive change too, in their own spears of influence." Jason Buensalido of Buensalido Architects said to formally open this year's B+Abble. 

Gabe Mercado
First to talk is the Singer/Actor and TV Host Gabe Mercado, the man behind the Silly People’s Improv Theater or SPIT, his talk is about Applied improvisation, a field used by the top company in making creativity a key to the economy. He believes using games in any situation gives a deeper understanding and having logic to any of it is a great tool for curation.
Jinggoy Buensuceso
The second speaker is Visual Artist and sculptor Jinggoy Buensuceso, this guys deliver so much in terms of his ordeal from students to being a highest paid artist, his comedic style of talking keep the audiences want to know more, he reiterated that he was hungry then and that he uses it as a drive for him to achieve his goal in life.
Bambi Manosa-Tanjutco
The third speaker is Bambi Manosa-Tanjutco, the daughter of a National Artist for Architecture Francisco Manosa, she was the head of Museu Pambata and the brain behind “Awit at Laro” album in collaboration with OPM Legend Gary Valenciano.

Tanjutco did inspire us on how she handles everything on organizing a Children exhibits up to create an album with songs that we all grow up with, and having advocacy on promoting the games that our grandfathers thought us.
Arch. Joseph Javier
Last to talk is Arch. Joseph Javier, the founder of Javier Design Studio Manila that discusses many issues and concern about the nature of Filipinos in terms of architecture, he speaks mostly as a Professor from De Lasalle University and what innovations they do in terms of teaching the future architects today. We learn so much from his talk that enables us to understand the nature architect does, that most of us even me agree that its expensive or additional cost in planning to build your house or office if your going to hire an architects, and that's the connotation we believe, and he defend it. 

"Why do we need to surround ourselves with affordable timely strong functional and beautiful things, essentially pag tinatanung sa akin bat kailangan ng art, bat kailangan ng culture. Because beautiful things, properly design articles and objects, when you use it, it brings about in you better version of yourselves, that is what good design does to us, that is what beautiful things do to us." Javier said. 

Filipinos until now is under the culture of being oppressed, you know many are saying that we are just ordinary people and so on, Javier sees that as a weakness of the Philippines.

“We have forgotten for so long of being colonized therefore oppressed, we have forgotten to live the life of prosperity, minsan naiiyak ako pag sinasabi ko na the Filipinos almost forgotten what prosperity feels like,  because pinapatikim lang sa atin yung mga little episodes of prosperity. We need to bring this back, wealth generation is coming again, I’m sure you can feel the economy is getting better. Javier explain. 

Javier believe that Philippine designs in terms of Architecture needed to catch up, he suggest that from the academe to curriculum also in order to adopt many changes, that our neighboring countries are doing. 

"The Singapore Business Design Chamber said it will be impossible to sell anything without design, tama naman sya.  Everything and anything that has been, that is and will be design on this universe went thru the process of design, walang lalabas dito na manmade na hindi dumaan sa process of design, ang problema na lang is it good design or bad design." Javier said in closing. 

The whole seminar is an eye-opener in many things in terms of creativity, content creation and understanding our culture as a Filipino. We highly recommend this event to continue in the coming more years and hopefully, they reach people from the provinces. 
Singer Bea Lorenzo
Aside from the talks, the event is loaded with special numbers that amazed us, like the OPM Jazz duo called Project Jazz that serenade us OPM songs with unique renditions, R&BSoul Singer and Songwriter Bea Lorenzo that introduce us to the sound of Kalimba, and Bullet Dumas who sample his Jack En Poy song with Dance interpretation by Josef Lachica.

B+Abble is supported by Evermount Construction Corporation, United Architects of the Philippines Alabang Chapter, Foundree, Design for Tomorrow, R.S Gutierrez Engineering Design & Consultancy, Boysen, Valcucine, Casa Bella, Spurway Enterprises, Wilcon Depot, Excell Contractors and Developers, Inc, Pioneer Pro, Ava Consultancy, Inc, Kenneth and Mock, Scavolini, Perfect Dimension Corp, Kinx, Triple E 2008 Builders, Metrotech Steel Industries, Inc, CT Bond, AIS, RCCI and Focus Global.

For more information about B+Abble, you may send them an email at or check BuensalidoArchitects in Facebook page.


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