SINAG 2022

TO celebrate the 53rd anniversary of the Cultural Center of the Philippines this month of September, the SINAG 2022: Light and Sound spectacle will light up the CCP façade from September 22-25, 2022. Multi-awarded lighting designer John Batalla conceptualized the outdoor light show with sound design by Jethro Joaquin. “We will interpret the three transcendentals of Truth, Goodness and Beauty paired with a soundscape of indigenous Filipino instruments, snippets of folk music and quintessential Filipino sound bites or quotable quotes from the past,” Batalla said. Batalla partnered with Joaquin to curate the soundscape or soundtrack for the show. SINAG 2022 is produced by the CCP Production Design and Technical Services Division.  The event will create a vibrant and effervescent atmosphere on the façade and its environs, the CCP PDTSD said. The show, which runs for 10 minutes, will open at 7pm on September 22 and run from September 23 to 25 at 7:00pm, 7:30pm, 8:00pm, 8:30pm, 9:00p

hello Mrs. Greedy!!! (repost)

"Money is the root of all evil." as the saying goes...this blog is kinda like that..

way back in palawan...when the "whole family" was really ok...we were happy..we were contented with what we have/had.this is the first time i am writing about this fucking thing happened when  my loving aunt win a fortune way back in 2004..

i know some of those people whom we know are wondering what is the real story..well, this is my side of story...what i have experienced...what i have learned..

money really makes the world go round and can be the roots of all evil if we, people will let that thing happene..

my aunt was really lucky to have that was her was meant for her...because she have a great unselfish big big was her blessing from the Great One for all the great things she has done...we are fact joyous about that..the whole family(her family) received blessings too...(balato) but i really don't know for what reason...some greedy over intellectual person made up a story about my father that is against him...and told one of my uncle (brother of my lucky aunt) that my father said something that was against my uncle...she made up stories that heated my uncle and made him mad at my father...and there where it all begun...

the family tie was ruined by one envious greedy, selfish over-intellectual person who happened to be the wife of the blood brother of my lucky aunt...hahahaha
all of my cousins from my two uncles are mad at us..mad at my father..mad at my mother...mad at me...for what reason....well...i guess because they thought or still they think that we are manipulating my lucky aunt about how she will spend her money...because it was my father who drives my aunt's vehicle,...because my aunt lives with my parents....because my aunt made me her co-depositor in her "lots-of-money" account...and that my father was and still is the administrator of my aunt's properties...and probably because my aunt trusted more my father that her blood father who is not blood relative to my aunt....just a brother-in-law...

there was this rumor...well, not really a rumor because it came from a very reliable source(the one that my so-called uncle was talking to)..that one of my uncle is planning to kill my father..he said "my father is just one bullet"...well, made me think somehow..makes me worry for my father...but if ever that will awful it would be...ngayon pa lang eh nanliliit na ang tingin ko sa knya..what more pa pag ginawa nya yun..

my aunt gave each and evry one of her sibling "balato"..enough for them to use...there are a lot of accusations against my immediate family...but this is all i can say...IT IS MY AUNT'S DISCRETION OR FREEDOM OF CHOICE WHOM SHE WILL GIVE HER MONEY. And believe it or not we are not manipulating her...all her expenses are being accounted for...she have her own notebooks where she listed all her expenses...and if magbigay man sya sa aming magkakapatid wala kaming magagawa kasi binibigay nya...Even before pa na walang wala sya na ultimo lang ang meron sya nagbibigay pa din sya...kaya nga sya super blessed kasi hindi sya madamot...

and with the question about why sa amin sya naka-stay??well...FYI people...i could still recall, even when i was still young, pag me sakit ang antie ko bumibyahe pa sya from MANALO to MALVAR just to be with us...dun sya nagpapagaling...(samantalang meron din syang kapatid na dikit bahay lang nya) baket kaya hindi dun??dba??

madami pang rason...mga bagay-bagay na napagtanto ko na nabubulag or nasisilaw tlaga ang ibang tao sa kinang ng pera...gaya nlng nung nangyari sa bahay ng antie sa manalo...hahahah super laking isyu naghabol kapal ng mukha hindi nakatiis na tamang daanan lang ayun...kinuha ang buong 30square di nabuko na nang-gago yung magaling na ganid jan...hahahaha..lumalabas na ang totoong kulay...hahahaha

sabi pa nga ng iba na dapat i should not get involved..why should not i?ikaw ba nmang itext ng kung anu anung klaseng pagmumurahin...FYI si antie lang ang tyahin kong nakapag-alaga kung sino mang nagsasabing nahugasan nya daw pwet at pepe ko nung baby pa ako...well' my mom said that you never did that...wag kang mag-panggap..and the hell, wala kang right na murahin ang kapatid ko dahil lang sa dinalaw nya anak mo na nasa ospital na nadisgrasya...

i kept silent through all this years...kahit na maraming bagay na silang sinasabi kesyo nasobrahan daw ang galing ko..anyways...i am a bit know why??kasi nanghihinayang ako sa pamilya...kada pasko at bagong taon masaya nman kami dati..although me mga maliliit na tampuhan pero amendable naman somehow..and pati ang pagiging ina ko d2 sa mnila kung anu anu pa sinsabi...OO nagka-anak ako d2...BABAE at merong ama...and namatay na ang ama ng anak case you don't know that people...well, atleast i have the guts and the nerves to show to the whole world na ANAK ko nga sya...HINDI ko itinatago sa mundo...Eh kayo???hahahaha...

isa pa pala...naiintindihan ko na kung baket LINGO LINGO eh asa SIMBAHAN KA...para magbawas ng mga KASALANAN mo...people might not see who you really are madame greedy...BUT GOD SEES YOU....

so...any violent reactions people???LOL this is my side of story...


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