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PLDT lauds ‘unbreakable spirit’ of PH enterprises amid challenging times

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented immense challenges to industries around the world. With mobility restrictions in place, business owners had to rethink their operations and adjust to navigate the uncertainties in the new normal. Although some companies were able to adapt and seamlessly shift to the new norm, the process was not easy with many struggling with financial losses and temporary business closures. A survey from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) released September last year reported that the Philippine economy experienced the worst impacts of the pandemic. The Philippines logged the highest number of business closures and layoffs among its peers in Southeast Asia. Despite that, Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP and Head of PLDT & Smart Enterprise and International Business Groups, said that resilience is one of the core values that helped businesses conquer the challenges of the pandemic. This ‘unbreakable spirit’ of enterprises allowed them to embr

in memory of Yzabel's DAD

(in commemorating his 2nd death anniversary on the 10th of December) there goes a line that.. "lucky is the man who was the first love of a woman, but luckier is the woman who was the last love of a man..." HANGANG by Wency Cornejo is our love song..we'll atleast for a period of time that we we're together.. our love story begins when i became so addicted to chatting...and that when my previous boyfriend and i are at wavy/rocky situation.. i met this man named Zeus, at the internet, or should i say through the internet...he's from manila and i am from palawan..we we're just friends...we regularly talked..and chat through mIRC and Yahoo Msger. we we're close friends...he would tell me all those girls na naka-fling nya dahil sa chat..mga babaeng naka-sex nya...mga babaeng na sya ang short mga babaeng sinaktan nya..early 2004 yun..and then...i was having trouble in my law school at the the same time having a family dispute over

KidsAhoy BookFest Project: Happiness 2008

Start:      Dec 6, '08 10:00a End:      Dec 6, '08 5:00p Thank God that it will start early.. i can stay there up to 4pm.. hehehehe