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Five Gen Z-approved tips to create awesome content with the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

As a generation that grew up with technology, members of Gen Z have naturally developed a knack for content creation, with many going on to achieve massive fame on various social media platforms. They’ve shared aesthetic photos on Instagram, showcased their lives on YouTube, and flaunted their wacky side on TikTok. Many have found viral success through dance challenges, comedic skits, or mini-vlogs, proving just how creative and talented this generation is when it comes to content creation. While Gen Z seems to have an innate eye and love for content creation, it is still a competitive game to level up on social media. To keep up, here are a few tips that can easily be done using a reliable smartphone packed with features that are sure to help everyone create more awesome content. Seize the light. Content creation usually starts with finding ideal topics and visuals that most Gen Zs can relate to. Whatever topic you decide to go w

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Rating: ★★★★★ Category: Movies Genre: Action & Adventure i love hugh jackman. he's so good! and i love wolverine.. it's just so frustrating that all the good memories he had from the past was erased in the later part.. nice effects.. and good story plot.. i enjoyed watching it.. and oh..ang gwapo ni Taylor Kitsch who played Gambit.. hehehe


COMPLETE LIST OF 2008 BAR PASSERS  A total of 1,310 passed the 2008 bar examinations, the Supreme Court announced Friday evening CLICK HERE FOR the Complete Results Update (8:30 pm April 3, 2009):   CLICK HERE FOR the Complete Results  Judy Lardizabal, a law student from the San Sebastian College, emerged on top of the 1,310 examinees who passed the 2008 bar examinations. Results of the bar exams taken in September 2008 is expected to be released later Friday, a spokesman for the Supreme Court said. Update (5:00 pm April 3, 2009): the original 4 p.m. announcement of the results was moved to 6 p.m. due to a delay in “decoding” or a system where the answer sheets are matched with the names of the examinees. from:

Sardinas Burger

Description: This is the first time I tried cooking this one.. I learned about this long long time ago from my first BF's aunt who loves cooking.. Turning simple recipes into one great tasting merienda.. Ingredients: 2 cans sardines 1 cup flour 1 pack Meaty Seasoning 2 pcs medium sized Egg 1 large onion (minced) a pinch of pepper a pinch of dried basil leaves Directions: 1. In a big bowl pour the sardine's contents. (mush the fish meat). 2. Put the eggs and beat it until totally dissolved with the sardines. 3. Gradually put the flour into the mixture while mixing it continuously. 4. Put the whole content of the Meaty Season Mix. 5. Put the minced onions. 6. Sprinkle some dried basil and salt and pepper to taste. in a hot pan with oil fry it just like you're cooking a mini-pancakes.. hehehe don't over-cook.. when done.. you can eat is with rice.. or as a filling for your buns.. hehehe enjoy!!