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dia maté teams up with IV of Spades’ Blaster Silonga on new single “Dream”

Promising newcomer dia maté dials down the R&B melodrama for a luscious summertime tune that is built around laid-back melodies, indie-pop influences, and tropical-sounding rhythms. Written by mate herself and produced by IV of Spades’ Blaster Silonga, “Dream” explores the hesitation of commitment and moving forward despite falling in love with someone. According to the 19-year-old artist, the song was inspired by how people sometimes close themselves off subconsciously to protect their heart from the trauma induced by past relationships. “That’s what ultimately holds us back: the fear of being let down again,” the young singer-songwriter says. “ Dream essentially describes wanting to wake up from the past, to pretend it was only a dream.” Upbeat melancholia dia maté originally penned and produced the demo for “Dream” on guitar, but the rising pop/R&B star eventually wanted to revamp the track with a more upbeat and energetic vibe to complement the melancholic appeal of


List of Successful Examinees of 2009 Bar Examinations 1. ABANTE, Maria Evitha A. 2. ABAQUITA, Allan C. 3. ABARQUEZ, Leandro E. 4. ABARQUEZ, Paolo E. 5. ABDULLAH, Anzarullah Zhadradi A. 6. ABELLA, Harve B. 7. ABELLAR, Eleanor Agnes F. 8. ABENOJAR, Irene U. 9. ABIBICO, Mona Liza D. 10. ABIERA, Stephanie E. 11. ABLAÑA, Lindy Andre P. 12. ABOGANDA, Alexander D. 13. ABRASALDO, Wilson C. 14. ABRUGAR, Vanessa Q. 15. ABUEDO, May Flor C. 16. ABUTAN, Leah C. 17. ACAS, Althea Barbara E. 18. ACOSTA-QUIROS, Annemarie 19. ADAOAG, Janice M. 20. ADASA, William Chino T. 21. ADDUG, Fredelyne H. 22. ADEVA, III, Daniel A. 23. AGATON, Jonathan R. 24. AGNES, JR., Jerry P. 25. AGRAVIADOR, Karisma Ivee L. 26. AGUHAYON-ESCOLAR, Ghenee Rose C. 27. AGUIHAP, Beverly D. 28. AGUILA, Mildred R. 29. AGUINALDO-BALUYA, Ranelle R. 30. AGUIRRE, Leandro Angelo Y. 31. AHAJA, Yasmin Ayesha K. 32. ALABAN, Daniel B. 33. ALAGAR-BERNARDO, Rowena E. 34. ALAGCAN, Angeli A. 35. ALARILLA, Jeffrey John S. 36. ALARILLA, Maria Ange