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Lunch at Ka-Inato's

First day in the city (Wednesday, April 25th). Had to go to Palawan State University to pay for my daughter's entrance exam for 1st grade and submit the forms to the Guidance Office.

We picked up Marnie at the office, for it's almost lunch time break. We headed to Ka-Inato, Rizal Avenue. I learned that this restaurant is partly owned now by Ka Lui's owner, hence the "Ka" in its name.

Took us some time to decide on what to eat. 

This faucet really caught my attention.
A closer look of the naughty faucet.

Fresh Mango Shake for Marnie. As always, his all time favorite of all shakes!

Fresh Guyabano shake for me and Mikyla. 

Hail on these fresh fruit shakes! Costs Php75 each! 
Taste: 10/10 of course!

We all had the Original Chix Inato. This costs Php95.00
The best tasting chicken inasal in town! (IMHO).
Juicy chicken! Also available in Hot and Spicy!
Taste: 10/10

Another shot. I love triangular shape of their "cup" of rice.. :)
The chicken meat is actually bigger in actual. 

These are the fresh fruits being displayed near the cashier. So love aAll the fruit shakes on their menu. Guaranteed fresh!

Being widely open and less walls makes the place a little cooler despite being situated in very sunny spot/area in the city.

The "petromax" light set ups on the posts and ceilings added a "cool" factor to the venue along with all the paintings hanging on the wall.

The three of us in front of the the restaurant.

Taste: 10/10
Ambiance: 10/10
Price: 10/10
Crew/Service: 10/10


Sumi Go said…
Loving the interior of this resto! :D It's so native and naughty (faucet) haha.. ^^ Anyway, the photos of the fruit shakes made me thirsty! I want a glass of mango shake as well! :D
wow.. i like the design ng resto na to. so much refreshing.. nakakatuwa naman yung sa hugasan... tas yung food... tamang tama para sa mainit na panahon....
joy said…
nice interior design, though the faucet is not good for kids hehe
Josie said…
Love the interior design, so relaxing.. and of course the fruit juices, guayabano is also my favorite. :)
stacy said…
Nice native interior. The chicken bbq looks juicy rin =)
I love the look of the place. So quirky especially the "peeing" faucet! hahaha Those shakes look really good too. I miss having guyabano shake. It's been ages since I last ate guyabano. :)
Czjai said…
LOL at the quirky faucet. :)
And thumbs up for guyabano shakes! :D
Simplymarrimye said…
The photos just tell how much you enjoy the dining experience.
So yummy... very engaging to the taste buds..
Food Quest said…
I love the naughty faucet, it's so cute! Hope I can visit Puerta Princesa this year :)
Rachelle said…
very cool ambiance! really suited for those who are looking for a place to realx and enjoy.
Argee said…
wow. interesting ambiance and naughty faucets indeed :D

perfect place to de stress with those fruits and cold drinks in a hot summer day :)
Anonymous said…
the place is so cool!!but ka inato near robinson's is much artistic in ambiance...its like theirs a mystery and joy behind every painting...a true to the heart artist in colorful motion of art!!!!!
Budget Biyahera said…
Wow! Another "KA" that I probably would love as well (loved Kah Lui by the way). =) Anyway, I like the idea that the food that you ordered were affordable. I wasn't that keen on the cup of rice though. If it wasn't unli rice, was it 'bitin' by chance?
Franc Ramon said…
I was able to try Ka Lui's before so I'm sure Ka Inato would also be equally satisfying as Ka Lui's in terms of food, service and ambiance.
Unknown said…
I love the old gas lanterns hanging in the ceiling and the artworks. It gives this whole place a nice, rustic vibe.
Nauhaw naman ako sa pic ng refreshments nila. Haha. I love fruit shakes!
papaleng said…
Very creative ang interior ng resto. Yummy yung mga shakes and yung faucet very 'naughty'.
your post just made me real hungry!!!! I'd love to visit the place someday!
Teresa Martinez said…
Read this on most of the previous comments but I have to repeat it. Very nice interiors indeed!
Gil Camporazo said…
You perfectly rated Ka-Inato! Though I've not been there, the way I look at your candid, vivid pictures posted here, the place is so clean, the foods are excellent, and the service, I may believe you, is the best. You've been in the right perfect place, Grace.
Alwin Aguirre said…
i love this place! the interiors, the fixtures, and the food presentation makes the food yummy. hoping to visit this when I get to Palawan
Raine Pal said…
What a lovely place. Tatak Pinoy talaga. And sa pic pa lang masarap na ang food.
markpogi said…
The place would make you feel full to both your eyes and your palate. ^_^
Deann said…
Wow great finds! And the food on the menu I wanna try them. You know what I'm a kid who grew up eating on Fast foods! And now whenever I go to malls I always try some restaurants. I hope I could visit this place as well in the future! <3

Lady Patchy said…
Lol on NAUGHTY FAUCET. What a greta place.Missing Philippines now.
Ron Leyba said…
LOL at the naughty faucet. Not suitable for kids haha. Anyway, nice resto ambience and gimmick.
I do agree with you. The place looks cozy and figures of our national heritage - add it up with the foods they served. I like the Anito faucet, I might suggest that design to my friend and maybe put something like that in his new resto. :)
Jerome Ibuyan said…
Great place! Like tatess, the naughty faucet caught my attention, too. lol! The shakes look delicious!
Michelle said…
Sarap ng food!! Love the high ceiling, too. maaliwalas and presko. I lingered at the wash area, not because of the naughty faucet lol, but because of the sink. Is it just me or parang wala talagang sink? it looks to me like the water goes directly to the wooden surface.

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