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dia maté teams up with IV of Spades’ Blaster Silonga on new single “Dream”

Promising newcomer dia maté dials down the R&B melodrama for a luscious summertime tune that is built around laid-back melodies, indie-pop influences, and tropical-sounding rhythms. Written by mate herself and produced by IV of Spades’ Blaster Silonga, “Dream” explores the hesitation of commitment and moving forward despite falling in love with someone. According to the 19-year-old artist, the song was inspired by how people sometimes close themselves off subconsciously to protect their heart from the trauma induced by past relationships. “That’s what ultimately holds us back: the fear of being let down again,” the young singer-songwriter says. “ Dream essentially describes wanting to wake up from the past, to pretend it was only a dream.” Upbeat melancholia dia maté originally penned and produced the demo for “Dream” on guitar, but the rising pop/R&B star eventually wanted to revamp the track with a more upbeat and energetic vibe to complement the melancholic appeal of

MAGICAL EASTER LAND AT Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

Treat the children and the whole family with a passport to a magical adventure.  This Easter, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila will not only keep the magic alive – it is a family celebration complete with glorious elements, including food, games and activities meant to fire up the bliss and excitement. For only PHP 800 net for both children and adults from 11 am to 3 pm, Le Salon is transforming into a magical enchanted garden where everyone can look forward to meeting candy fairies, wizards and dwarves.  Not only are these characters a surprising delight, the afternoon buffet snacks are pouncing with sweet and savoury choices personally hand-picked by Executive Chef Josef Miklavc and his team. Fruit Magic’s refreshing fruit shakes are also available featuring their most popular concoctions. With careful eyes and a steady hand, activities such as face painting and meringue egg decoration will surely satisfy everyone’s penchant for arts and crafts.  Plus, the line-up of inte

Earth Hour 2013

This is the first time we experienced #EarthHour in Puerto Princesa City. Even if you don't have plans of joining the event, the City government cuts the electricity during the 1 hour event, thus forcing/obligating you to join the event.  My two babies are uncomfortable already here due to the hot weather that time.  And I am obligated to work despite of no electricity that time. Good thing my laptop was fully charged then. Me with my two lovely daughters.. 

October 2012 Bar Exam Passers Released March 2013

The Supreme Court of the Philippines has released the 2012 Philippine Bar Exam passers list and the top 10 new lawyers who took the bar exam last October 2012. A total of 949 out of 5,343 examinees passed the 2012 Philippine Bar Exam.   Below is the complete list of passers: 1. A JOSE- AGUSTIN, Karren 2. ABASTILLAS, Lemuel 3. ABERIN, Ma. Christine 4. ABES, Royce Nieville 5. ABRENZOSA, Cleofe 6. ABUAN, Ruby Ryza 7. ACEDO, Kristian Josef 8. ACORDA, Jacqueline 9. ACOSTA, Lourdes Mae 10. ACOSTA, JR., Gil 11. ACUÑA, Jose Fidel 12. ADAN, Jan Mari 13. ADAP, Sanawia 14. AGANA, III, Carlos Ivan 15. AGATEP, Pia Augustha 16. AGBAY-ABILAR, Janice 17. AGBON, Ma. Cecelia Esperanza 18. AGOPITAC, Nestle 19. AGUAVIVA, Ava Marie 20. AJES-LAURENTE, Lilibeth 21. ALAMEDA, Abigail 22. ALAWI, JR., Saipal 23. ALBANO, Pia Ursula 24. ALBANO, Ranvylle 25. ALBAS, Dominique 26. ALBINA, Dionel 27. ALBOTRA, Tet Chea 28. ALCANTARA, Austin Claude 29. ALCANTARA, Rickmon Albert 30