PCPPI recognizes exceptional employees at Gold Crown Awards

Excellence thrives where it is practiced consistently. Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI)—the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country—recently honored three outstanding employees with this year’s Gold Crown Awards. This recognition is awarded to employees for demonstrating professional dedication in line with PCPPI’s ICARE Values, which stands for Integrity and Innovation, Care and Respect, Empowerment and Excellence. The three awardees for this year are (in photo, from left to right) Faith Marie M. Zacal of from PCPPI’s Cagayan De Oro plant, Lucky J. Mallari from the Central Luzon Operations (CLO) and Jona Marie S. Rollan from the Davao manufacturing facility. Of the awardees, PCPPI president and chief executive officer Frederick D. Ong said, “Our people remain at the core of what makes us proud to be part of PCPPI. The Gold Crown Awards allow us as one team to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of our employees.” He added, “Jona, Lucky, and Fa

The Heritage House in Pangasinan and how it was move to Bukidnon

There is a unique house in Bukidnon that we discover, in the middle of lush forest and pineapple plantation, a century old Spanish house is enjoying its new location in a destination called Kampo Juan Eco-Adventure Farm in Manolo Fortich town.

Own by the wealthy Family Acosta who love art, antiques and old historical memorabilia, and the family that first develop the best tasting Pineapple for Del Monte, re-built an 1910 Castillo House from Rosales, Pangasinan, at first they were offered only to buy the logs, roofs and its surroundings, they realize how important the value of it now so they decided to tear it down from Pangasinan, ship it all the way a thousand miles to Fortich in 2013.
Sir Neric Acosta, the owner and our curator that time explain to us how he was fascinated in the house that have a unique tower at the top, he even try to convince the Castillo family not to destroy the house because of its importance now a days, however the said family is already decided to forego it since no one in their clan wants it.

On the way to this heritage house you will pass by to a historical World War 2 Marker, the spot were Gen. Douglas MacArthur ride a plane going back to Australia, and remarkably the area where he said the iconic word “I Shall Return”.

So it’s a Park, they have Anicycle bikes hanging in the air that you can try if you love extreme adventures, it is the longest and the first in the Philippines but the certification for that is still on process, they serve good food and have a wide function hall for any events such as seminars, weddings or even a small conventions.

The Heritage house is also open for long stay or even a short vacation, they only have 5 rooms that can accommodate few for now, but what’s winner in this is the ambiance of the place, a feeling of inside the forest that is so cold and most of the time it rains in the afternoon even in summer.
The Collections 
But the best is yet to come, inside the house are priceless collections by the Acosta Family, they have 7 magnificent treasures that each have stories to tell, Sir Neric who used to run the Laguna Lake Development Authority discuss it to us each of this items and how they acquire it.
Manobo Princess

I am not going to detail the stories behind those collections because it’s better to hear it personally once you visit them, first is of the collection is the watercolor painting by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, it’s called the “Manobo Princess, second is the Chandelier up in the staircase that holds a lot of legends, the third is the long wooden table exceptionaly ornamented and was commission to Negros people to design, it is believe to bring luck and fortune if you rub the poles of it.
Night Market by Anita Magsaysay-Ho
The fourth piece is the flower wood carving from Maestro Juan Flores and it’s really a precious gem of art. The fifth one is another collector’s item, a painting in titled “Night Market” by no less than Anita Magsaysay-Ho, this one came from New York for a fee of P2million, so far this the most high value art you will see in this house, and the sixth one are tribute arts for Ho made by selected Negros women who really did well, its better for you to see those painting made by rock colors.
Noli Me Tangere book in Tagalog original copy
The last piece really blow us all away, this the book of Noli Me Tangere in Filipino version and it’s the first translation written by Poblete as commission by Dr. Jose Rizal sister, this is so rare and even in the national museum you can’t find this copy.

There is no regular commute route in going to Kampo Juan, if your flying to Cagayan De Oro you must take a an almost 3 hour ride to get to Fortich, tricycles or motor (habal) can be rented in the town proper but I don’t have the idea how much. Its better to have an arrange tour or have it included in your travel package, I recommend you arrange it via tour agency or contact my highly recommended tour guide friend Mr. Jon Robert Manuel at Globe (mobile) +63 0915.256.9239.

Our visit in Kampo Juan is the start of our Bukidnon tour organized by Tourism Promotions Board as part of product updates for Bukidnon, I admit it is really worth it and amazed in every detail on how this house move from Pangasinan in Luzon mainland, to here in Fortich plus all the things inside it. For inquiries about Kampo Juan about their entrance fee, overnight stay and for the food, you may contact Mercy 09266212192, 09107525015 or connect with them thru Facebook and Instagram @Kampojuan2010.


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