Sezairi dominates streaming charts in Asia with global hit “It’s You”

After going viral on TikTok and subsequently charting on Spotify Global Viral 50 Chart where it peaked at No. 17, Singapore-based singer-songwriter Sezairi is currently on the rise with the recent success of his single “ It’s You .” A rousing ballad that showcases the journey of putting one’s fears to rest when it comes to loving someone, “It’s You” is part of Sezairi’s recently released EP, Undertones . “I had a lot of things in mind when writing this song but I guess the underlying theme is love,” the chart-topping artist opens up about the inspiration behind the track. “It’s like going on this crazy journey just searching for ‘the one’ and then having a sudden realization, and disbelief even, that you already know who you were looking for and that they were always there and will always be there for you no matter what. It’s also a sort of ode, a thank you to that special someone in your life.” The song is steadily climbing on Spotify Philippines’ Top 100 charts, ranking at No.

The Golds of Paracale

Our Lady of  Nuestra Senora De Candelaria Parish Shrine
I seldom heard Paracale before, I got interested on it after watching the Metro Manila Film Fest entry “Oro” that was based on a town in Bicol region that has gold reserves, but the film is not made in Paracale.

So, After Bantayog Festival 2019 coverage we got a chance to explore this Golden Paradise of Camarines Norte, and to our surprise, this is truly a hidden gem waiting to be expose soon due to its all in offering for tourism, from historical sites to beautiful beaches they have it, this is for a fact that they serve as a gateway to Calaguas Island, another popular island beach in Camarines Norte.
Our lady of Nuestra Senora De Candelaria altar in Paracale
After a briefing from the Municipal Tourism Office headed by Sir mark Gil Zamudio, we proceed to this small but beautiful historical 408 year old Church of Our Lady of Nuestra Senora De Candelaria, it is undergoing renovation as of this writing but Zamudio told us that they are preserving it the way it was used to be in the past many years, they are adopting some modern technology in doing the renovation without touching the base of it, it actually enhance the original structure.

One fascinating about its patron that they called “Inay Candi” is its dress and accessories, it’s all adorn with real gold, Paracale is a known Municipality in Camarines Norte that has Gold deposits until now, they are considered as one of the leading towns that produces Gold after Benguet and Davao.

Our next destination is a popular City beach of the locals and the port going to Calaguas, it’s called Pulangdaga beach cove that offers wide long beach front perfect to enjoy summer, the name is not about a red rat but it talk about their dialect and the characteristic of its soil, which is color red in nature.

Pulangdaga has resort to stay in case you wish to stay overnight, and what exciting in going here is the golden trail where the grotto is located in a top of hill, wherein 360 degrees view of Paracale is the main attraction. In order to go up here is to avail the ATV and Boggy ride offers by RRC ATV Motor, the rental for ATV is P900 that can accommodate two persons, while the boggy is at P1,000, and it is negotiable if you book by group. They have 5 ATV Motor and 1 Boggy for rental.
“We called it a golden trail, basically easy to moderate course lang sya, ang pinakadulo is yung grotto and there is an option to go on a much difficult trail which we call a hard trail, so far yun pa lang attraction meron kami and we are trying to develop pa to make it a full trail, for those na hindi naman sobrang hard core and don’t want to go out, we also have our ATV track inside Candelaria Beach Resort.” RRC ATV Motor operator/owner Christian Dennis Mancenido explain.

The trail for a beginner will take around 20 minutes to go up, it seems easy but you don’t have to be chicken since the reward is once you reach the hill top, the view is amazing and beautiful indeed, it is worth a try, an adventure that is rewarding at the end.

They just start their operation in Pulangdaga last March 2019, they have showroom in Sto. Domingo, Vinzons in case you’ll be interested in purchasing ATV units. You can contact RRC ATV Motor at smart number 0929.4785771 and via globe is 0916.5409945, or search them in Facebook via RRC ATV Motor.
Our next stop is to explore the island of Macolabo, it is now open for tourist who wish for a day tour of swimming and want glorious skin tan, just be ready yourself for the waves in going to this island, it can be a roller coaster ride that’s why make sure to have your life vest on.

Macolabo Island has a small fishing community, there are no resorts or restaurant in the place so you need to bring in your food and drinks, if you wish to stay overnight you have to request that ahead so it can be arrange for home stay program of the community.

One thing great about Macolabo is the soft, white powdery sand they have plus the crystal clear green waters that surround it, it’s like a lost paradise found by you and only you, swimming area is also perfect with matching waves that joins you in playing with sun up.

According to Zamudio, they are offering this destination just recently as added attraction for Paracale, if the waves is good it will take only 30 minutes from Pulangdaga Beach going to Macolabo and vice versa, the said tourism product is still being develop to cater more tourist and locals in the future.
If your interested to visit Macolabo pls coordinate with the Municipal Tourism Office thru Sir Mark at Smart number +63.0938.408.7859 or thru his staff John Harvey at 0977.787.4979.

For boat rental we recommend the one manage by Ms. Shie Andrade, it is big and safe to navigate that mighty waves of Paracale, you can contact them for the rates going to Macolabo or even to Calaguas Island thru their Facebook page, here is the link for boat operator, or just send a message to Ms. Shie Andrade FB page 

Other Beach in Paracale includes Bakal Beach, Gumaus Beach and Labnig Beach, all white sand that offers panoramic view, and of course the experience of getting away from a busy City Life. 

The Paracale Tour is in cooperation with Katooga.PH and the Municipal Tourism Office of Paracale.


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